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Issues in Education GTP interview

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by nat0107, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. nat0107

    nat0107 New commenter

    Hi all

    I am just wondering if anyone has any issues in education that they may ask me about in my GTP interview on Tuesday? Specifically in Secondary History please.

  2. Or they look on this website and think good they're using the initiative to look up information & humble enough to ask for help. I tell my kids all the time 'be nice'.
    What I am doing is looking at all the news website i,e. Guardian, Independent, BBC etc and their education sections- that's where you'll get the most up to date stuff. Depending where your school is it maybe worth looking in the tabloids as well as this is where kids will get their form of news. My school is in quite a rough area so the Sun probably has the highest readership so you could bring that up with that reason for, so you've related it to your specific school.

    With history; the best thing to look up is everything to do with the Ebac, as it's included so anything to do with that is relevant to your subject.

    Hope that helps!?
  3. nat0107

    nat0107 New commenter

    Thank you very much for this advice, it was so much more useful than what I received last time!
    I have already had my interview and have been placed on a reserve list so didn't quite make it :(
    thank you though
  4. Really? It was good advice, you're right, but it should NOT have been useful. You shouldn't have needed someone to suggest that to you.
    In terms of your reply to me, you're right that you came to the right place to find out things. But why not just look around the forums? Look at what people are discussing and pick out the key topics. "Look for myself" as you put it.
  5. nat0107

    nat0107 New commenter

    What was the point in replying at all? You obviously think that it is pointless posting on a topic feed so why bother?
  6. Because I care passionately about this profession, and firmly believe that teachers should be the best of the best, we should be people with great intelligence, subject knowledge, pedagogy AND common sense. We should be hardworking, appreciative of others and 100% invested in what we do. I seriously worry about some people, their attitudes and their ability to think through a problem for themselves. As I said earlier, the advice to read newspapers, education supplements and tabloids was definitely good advice, but it shouldn't be necessary. Someone who hopes to shape the minds and lives of future generations shouldn't need to be told things like that.
    These forums are great places to share good ideas, ask for help, overcome problems and generally help improve the efficacy of teaching as a whole; that's why I post here (to answer and ask along those lines). When people ask good questions, show that they have put a decent amount of effort and thought in then I am more than happy to help. When they show the attitudes of what some people call the "internet generation" - ie "i need to find something out, I know what to do, I'll ask someone if they already know the answer" - then I really worry. The funny thing is that if you had actually paused for a moment, I'm sure you could have come up with those ideas for yourself. In the same way that most pupils, when they ask for help, can come up with the answer themselves if you just kneel down next to them and ask them to read through the question/problem again and slow down their thinking.
    And, for the record, I did give you advice. It's not my fault you chose to hone in on my "tone" and ignore it:
  7. Mate, I feel sorry for the kids you teach!
  8. Really? Why?
  9. Yes, they do read these forums. I am an interviewer for GTP programmes. However, anybody who is proactive enough to seek others' views and get a range of opinions on forums such as this is worth interviewing. There is a range of selection activities which weed out applicants that don't have thier own opinions or lack knowledge and understanding of educational issues.

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