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Issues getting paid for marking by edexcel

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by lcl2389, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. lcl2389

    lcl2389 New commenter

    Has anyone else had lots of delays getting paid for marking by edexcel/ Pearson this summer? There was some initial issue that they claimed affected ‘a small group’ of examiners and I was promised I would be paid by the 28th August (should have been paid by 11th). That didn’t happen so I contacted them, my payslip is on gateway but now they are saying there was an issue with my bank details and it will be another 10-15 working days! This makes little sense as I received the training fee with no issue and have not changed my details. Just wondering if I’ve been unlucky or if this is typical of them. Might well pick a different board to mark for next year! It was A level maths.

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