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Issues faced when teaching PE

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by sartain_m, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. sartain_m

    sartain_m New commenter

    I am a 2nd year University student studying Sports Coaching and as part of my course i am exploring the issues within PE. I have completed placements in various local secondary schools and am interviewing the staff i work with. From my observations and interviews various issues have been raised. One issue has been the lack of equipment available and poor facilities. Another theme has been the lack of enthusiasm and motivation from pupils. Can you suggest any other issues? Are you supported by non PE staff? Does the school give you enough curriculum time? Are all PE teachers fully qualified? Do you get the opportunity to support individual pupils when teaching large classes? Are you expected to do more hours than academic subject staff? Any issues and ways in which issues have been over come will be really helpful. Thanks
  2. circuskevin

    circuskevin Established commenter

    PE teachers often have poor coordination skills.

    A young PE teacher was making a hopeless mess of trying to demonstrate hand held stiltwalking once.

    I went to the school office to fetch the elderly female school secretary.

    She had no such problem ... even doing high kicks to show off.

    PE teachers should really learn basic coordination skills.

    Kevin the Clown
  3. The-Gaffer

    The-Gaffer Occasional commenter

    The most serious (in my opinion) is that at KS4 core PE time is often reduced or affected by 'catch up clinics' for other subjects.

    Ultimately this leads to redundancy as class sizes get reduced & teachers are no longer needed

    I have also experienced on an endemic scale the appointment of coaches not teachers in primary school to deliver PE. Make of that what you will, I notice you are studying a coaching degree, but those coaches often used to cover PPA are not qualified teachers & a primarY school would not employ an unqualified member of staff to cover literacy on a permanent basis /rant

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