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issues and uk education

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by arbabmahmood, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Are you all seariously relying just on one person's notes on current educational issues? Not that I think they're not capable of doing a good summary but blimey.
  2. Hi Cornwell et al,
    Sorry to jump on the bandwagon also, but I'd really appreciate it if you could email me a copy too to lizziebrewin@yahoo.com. Many thanks.
  3. Hi Cornwell,

    So sorry to ask but will anyway, could I have a copy of your very popular educational issues list.

    I have an interview on Wednesday, don't know what to talk about.

    Thanks you,

    Email: dlwoodbridge@blueyonder.co.uk
  4. Hi, could you please also send me your summary? Thanks - I have my interview on monday and i am scared! njmoore_03@hotmail.co.uk

  5. Hey, am worried that all the issues I have read up on are wrong so just wanna check I am along the right lines. Any chance you can send it to me to - mirandagoddard@hotmail.com

  6. Hi!

    Cornwell I'd really really appreciate a copy of your current issues in education doc before my interview this Friday, would you mind emailing it to me?

    I'm Rocketman38@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you!!! :)
  7. Hi Cornwall,

    I know it's been a long time, so you're probably not even checking this posting anymore, but I am a single mother of 2, about to interview for a secondary PGCE course on Wednesday, and would really appreciate it if you coud send me your information sheet too.


  8. If you are still sending out copies, I'd appreciate one. rhysjones55(at)hotmail.com
  9. Hi Cornwall,

    Could you please send me a copy too! I have only read this now and I am in the process of completing my application online!



    My email is miss_givenchy25@hotmail.com
  10. This makes me laugh so much! I asked the same question a couple of months ago, before my first GTP Interview and I received a post back saying 'If I wasn't aware of the current educational issues, I should re-think my career'. How harsh is that!!!!!
  11. Hi

    Any chance some kind soul might send a copy to me too? I'd really appreciate it as my interview is on Monday.


  12. Hi if anyone has this file could you please send it to me too. thanks a million :)


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