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issues and uk education

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by arbabmahmood, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Could someone please forward a copy of this to me
    many thanks
  2. Anyone still sending these lists? Have requested one but havent heard anything? Interview on monday so would be extremely helpful!
  3. Hi Cornwell,

    This could go on forever! If you're still posting out the info could I get a copy too please.


  4. er, me too please! - although I quite understand if you have lost the will to live by now!


  5. Could you send me a copy at watersplash@hotmail.com please? I hate to be the 900th person to ask but I live outside of the UK and find it very hard to get some of this information.


  6. Hey guys....I've got a teach first interview coming up on Thursday so would reeeeeeally appreciate a copy if any one from this forum could be so kind :)

    my email is misstilbury@hotmail.co.uk

    ta v much! x
  7. Kleeblatt

    Kleeblatt New commenter

  8. kt*


    Hi Cornwell

    I have an interview on Wed and have been preparing for weeks (not trying to pinch your ideas/hard work!), but if you don't mind I would be interested to have a look at your sheet - just as reassurance more than anything?! My email is kate336@btinternet.com

    Thanks in advance

  9. Could someone send me a copy too PLEASE!

    My interview is tomorrow at 2pm i know i have left it till so late...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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