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issues and uk education

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by arbabmahmood, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. arbabmahmood

    arbabmahmood New commenter

    have a interview for secondary PGCE comming up. What are the current issues facing UK education? tahnks
  2. arbabmahmood

    arbabmahmood New commenter

    have a interview for secondary PGCE comming up. What are the current issues facing UK education? tahnks
  3. I prepared a simple, yet comprehensive, A4 document on this. It lists The Top Five Current Issues In Education, and bullet points the main thoughts of each issue. It took me ages to prepare and is researched from the internet and months of The TES and three other teaching journals.

    It's easy to memorise - don't take it in to the interview with you! Looks like you don't really care/know what you're talking about :eek:)

    Leave your email and I'll mail you a copy.
  4. Hi Cornwell - could you please mail me a copy of your list? I have also prepared one using internet websites, but maybe yours is a better layout...
    Thanks in advance, here's my email: saira_nl@hotmail.com
  5. arbabmahmood

    arbabmahmood New commenter

  6. Hey Cornwell,

    could I have a copy too, please? I would be really grateful and it would help me a lot cos I'm not living in England at the mo and am not really informed about current education issues.
    My email is heidi_fussboden@hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot.
  7. Hey Cornwall,
    I was wondering if you could also send me a copy too please?! I have my interview on Tuesday - so your help would be CHERISHED :)
    Thank you x
  8. Hi Cornwell

    Could you please send the copy too !!(if you don't mind)
    I would realy appreciate it !!
    Thank you

  9. Can I have a copy please, I am in process of putting something similar together.

    Please send to MattD77@lycos.co.uk

  10. rpn


  11. Sorry to jump on the band wagon, but could i please have a copy as well as i'm struggling for my interview on Tuesday.

    Thanks in advance


  12. Would it be possibe for me to have a copy ?!
    Ive tried to think of everything but im not sure !
    Am really panicking as my interview is on thursday ! Thank you
  13. could i please get a copy of that. extremely grateful, my pgce interview tuesday & discovering this site has prevented me from any further preparation today.
    my email maxting@tiscali.co.uk very grateful again
  14. please please can i have one to? you should start charging - you would make a fortune!


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