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Isle of Wight Partnership GTP 2011

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hunkamunkapookawoo, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. hunkamunkapookawoo

    hunkamunkapookawoo New commenter

    Anyone else out there been offered a place on the IOW GTP? I am soooo excited yet petrified at the same time!! Would be good to share thoughts, concerns and queries over the coming months. Carolyn x
  2. Hi :) I've been offered a Secondary Art place, so excited!!! I met you at interview as I was doing some administration work, any questions youve got about the programme just ask as I kinda know it inside out!

    I have two friends who are doing primary GTP with us too, I'll get them to post on here.
    Lauren x

  3. hunkamunkapookawoo

    hunkamunkapookawoo New commenter

    Oh I think I remember you, were you sitting in on the tests and showing us where to go etc? I nearly had a panic attack when I got back from the loo and everyone had gone!!
    I am doing Primary KS1/2, it would be great to be in contact with others on the course.
    Well done for getting in by the way :O)
    C x

  4. Well done carolynanne! It's a really good course with LOADS of applicants, so you deserve to feel good about yourself.
    As well as Lauren (who is a font of all GTP-related-knowledge!!) there's at least one other person on here who recently said she got an offer.
    I'm currenlty on the course doing secondary maths ... are you doing primary or secondary?
  5. Thanks Carolyn,
    Yeh that was me :) sorry for freaking you out! I was sure I was missing a person but wasn't quite sure!
    'Font of knowledge' . . . . .I wouldnt go that far Paul, but thanks anyway. I'll see you at work next week.
    L x
  6. I was invited by the IOW GTP partnership all the way from Shanghai China for an interview only to be refused owing to my lack of experience in English schools. Since it was clear from my application form that all of my teaching experience (8 years) has been in Asia, I am obviously very frustrated at the partnership's lack of competence in handling my application and am even wondering if they had any secondary places left to offer at the time I was interviewed. I was originally invited for an interview on 1 Feb, but as I had already booked a holiday with my family, I asked if they could postpone my interview to 28 Feb which they agreed to do. I asked the director, Dominic, if this would affect my chances of being selected and he said, 'No, we will not be making any offers until after your interview date.' When I found this forum I realised this was not true, as offers have been made prior to my interview which makes me wonder if Dominic was also lying about places still being available when I came in for an interview.
  7. Hello troops, it's excellent to see many faces here! I too have been offered a placement, for secondary science on the Island. Has anyone else had it confirmed recently that the funding has been made available by the TDA? I was really suprised and so pleased..I am just a bit confused as there doesn't seem to be a big fuss about it on these forums. Is it just me??
  8. Yes, I am intent on teaching but have given up on the GTP programme. Besides not being recognised by many countries including Scotland, New Zealand and Australia, their approach to selection of candidates is far too narrow-minded for a society that claims to be inclusive and open-minded. How else can anyone justify valuing one week of experience in a UK school over eight years of experience abroad. At least most of the providers I applied to had the common-sense to refuse me at the application stage owing to my lack of experience in English schools but when the IOW partnership said that wouldn't be a problem I thought, 'finally - there is one open-minded provider'. But no - they gave me hope only to crush it after I had travelled halfway across the world. Therefore, I'm sorry if I make any big-wigs feel uncomfortable but what I'm saying is the truth. If the IOW partnership was not being dishonest, than they are at least gravely incompentent, and if nothing else, I can at least be grateful that I don't have to spend a year dealing with their incompetence. Perhaps I will have to fork the money for a PGCE out of my own pocket, but at least I'll get a qualification that is academically recognised.
  9. cupofteacher

    cupofteacher New commenter

    Selection process is equally demanding for PGCE, and ultimately you will be compared to other candidates as ALL providers have limited funding. I am guessing this is what happened to you at your interview. You should not assume that you will automatically get a PGCE place either, competition is fierce. In addition, it is worth noting that yes a PGCE is 'academically recognised' however does not automatically get accepted abroad either, so it is not a pass card to teaching in other countries.
  10. Yes, I am aware that entry to PGCE is a competitive process as well and that it is not automatically recognised abroad. However, it does seem to be much more easily transferable than QTS through the GTP. I do not mean to put anyone off to the GTP programme. It is definitely attractive in that you get paid to qualify instead of paying to qualify, and I congratulate all those that got places. I just wish the Isle of Wight partnership would have been more upfront with me about how stringent the requirements were before asking me to fly all the way over for an interview.
  11. Samuel ... you don't KNOW how much experience the person who got "your" place has do you? So how can you claim that it was given to someone with 1 week's UK experience?
    Similarly, how do you know that your lack of UK experience was the reason? (Unlikely as they have previously taken on people with overseas experience.)
    But what if they were willing to accept your overseas experience, but then had to differentiate between you and another candidate?If the main difference was that the other candidate had a considerable amount of UK experience then surely that would be fare and just?
    I'd be annopyed and/or disappointed if I were in your shoes - but not enough to go badmouthing people in such a manner!
  12. hunkamunkapookawoo

    hunkamunkapookawoo New commenter

    I totally agree with paulpav. Samuel markoff please refrain from using this forum to air your angst!! I have worked in a primary school for 11 years whilst studying for an 'academically recognised' degree in education and am offended by your derogatory comments. Might I suggest that you contact the Isle of Wight Partnership directly and stop abusing the purpose of this forum!
  13. Paul, you're right. I don't know how much experience teachers that got places had, and I never made the claim that they had 1 week of experience.The reason I said that is because about the only advice the director of the programme could give me about how to get a place next time was to 'spend a week in a British school', to which I replied, 'It would have been nice if you told me that earlier, so I could have made arrangements to do that before the interview.'
    The reason I know that my lack of UK experience was the only reason I was refused is because I rang the partnership and was given detailed feedback. The feedback about every aspect of my application, interview and presentation was very positive with the exception of the few questions that required me to apply my knowledge and experience to a UK context. My final question was, 'so, all of the positive aspects of my application, interview and presentation weighed against my lack of ability to apply what I know to an English context still fall short?', and the answer was unfortunately, 'Yes!'
    I'm glad you believe the selection process is so fair and square and I certainly hope that it is. However, after my experience I do believe I have the right to question the way my application was handled. My intention is not to 'badmouth' people, and I do regret one of the words I used in my first post. However, besides posting on this forum, I can also assure you that I am approaching the IOW partnership directly with my grieviences.
  14. I'm sure you are highly qualified, Carolyn Anne, and more than deserve your place. I apologise if I have offended you, as that was not my intention.

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