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Island Man

Discussion in 'English' started by munners, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hi there - I have been asked to teach any poem to Year 7 mixed ability for an interview lesson next week. I want to do 'Island Man' - but am open to ideas. Has anyone taught a really good stand alone lesson on 'Island man' - or any poem..? I am more used to teaching year 10 and 11! Thanks
  2. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    What about:
    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Coleridge
    The Plaint of the Camel - Carryl
    Cargoes - Masefield
    Sneezles or Disobedience - Milne

    I think that a mixed ability year 7 group would find 'Island Man' a bit hard going
  3. gloucesterroad

    gloucesterroad New commenter

    We teach Island Man to Y8 but it usually takes a good two or three lessons for them to fully appreciate. They love it when they do though...
    We always begin with visualisation, by getting them to put their heads on the desk and imagine their own perfect paradise. They stay like that for a good couple of minutes (encourage them to think about smells and tastes as well), then when they are really quiet, still and relaxed, I set off a piercing alarm that makes them jump out of their skin. We then talk about the experience and how they feel as a result. I try to guide them to talk about the space between waking and sleeping when they can direct their dream and where the real world interrupts or merges with the dream.
    We then read the poem and talk about how this connects with their experience. They highlight words or phrases which make the island seem beautiful and London seem horrid which we then annotate or discuss.
    That then leads into future lessons on the language and structure.
    Not sure if it would work as a standalone lesson, but it's nice.

    The other lesson which is completely standalone and really fun is a metaphor lesson using Wes Magee's The Sun: Blank out the word 'sun' in the first line of the poem and have them figure out what the metaphors are for. They then write annotations explaining the impression created by the images and how these contributed to them figuring out what the poem was about. You can then get them either to write a PEE on it or write their own metaphor poem about a different aspect of nature (I'd do the latter for an interview).
  4. Miss_s_k

    Miss_s_k New commenter


    These two lessons are mine and would work really well for year 7 interview lesson (i designed them for similar purposes- one an interview lesson and another an observation). Both work well as observations.



    If you're stuck on 'island man', it's worth watching Phil Beadle teaching it in this masterclass- although it's for year 10, there may be things you could use


    Hope that helps - good luck
  5. Thanks - I love the alarm idea! I will also look in to the Wes Magee one.

  6. Thanks to all the ideas - I am looking in to them right now...


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