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Islam and divorce- any activity ideas?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by veni_vidi, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Hello everyone, I have to teach an observed lesson on this after Easter. Struggling to come up with those activities that will be inclusive, interesting, informative, independant, include afl and basically all that Jazz to get me above a satisfactory. Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Many thanks
    Veni (PGCE student)
  2. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Hello, thanks for uploading that, i will look and leave a grateful comment.

    It's year 9, but they have just started the GCSE which they do till year 11. Edxcel Religion and life. They have 1 lesson a week, and did Christianity and divorce before easter, and and intro to divorce the week before.
    I was thinking of some sort of role play/scenario but can't really get it straight in my head. Possibly group work (risky on an obs but this is a top set) and roles being men and women who want to get divorced/dont want divorce, and the judge who has to question them and say whether they can have one or not (depending on their sceanrio given).
  3. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    If you have any old copies of 'Islam in Today's World', there is a case study and role-play idea on pp 80-81 where a young British Muslim wife married her husband but he went to the USA to set up a home for the two of them, but he fails to contact her for three years. The case study involves the wife, her family, the husband and the Islamic Shari'a Council. This is a good case study, but you might want to adapt it to make it fit your objectives for Edexcel.

    Personally, I would put together a flow chart for the steps that need to be taken and get them to work out in pairs (if you are worried about groups) what would happen with the character roles and then explain how they know based on the class teaching. It has been a few years since I did Edexcel, but the main objectives for the exam board would be;
    1. to outline the attitudes of Islam to divorce, and
    2. to explain why there are different attitudes to divorce.

    So you will need to make sure that these are addressed. The flow chart would help them know what the steps are, and if you included more than one view point in your characters and attached resources, they would be able to achieve both objectives.

    This could be a very good lesson. - Don't forget to include your some, all and many differentiation with reference to grade boundaries/NC levels depending on which you are asked to use.

    Hope this is helpful.
  4. I've used that... I scanned it, used images and information and gave out separate role cards to groups. Also a timeline that they had to piece together with the events. They did some role play and acted it out
    . At the beginning I also had two sheets with women and divorce (pink) and men and divorce(bliue). They had to teach their partner the facts - I can't remember how - it was slightly more exciting that that. Then they did the role play. Plenary was an exam response.
  5. whizzbangbang

    whizzbangbang New commenter


    Try teacheractivities.co.uk - it has a compendium of over 200 lesson activities that can be tweaked for any lesson. Hope this helps.

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