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isa security

Discussion in 'Science' started by rodthemod, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Before attempting an ISA recently I typed in the isa into a search engine, and nearly instantly got proformas for current isa exams results table - complete except for data also clarificationa and additions to marksscheme including acceptable answers - I think for current ISA. I phoned the exam board and passed this information on (available on a school website) I got a message bac saying there was no problem. (admittedly through the school front desk so what the real message was I can't say)
    Anyway a day later I'm still able to access the info (presumably anyone with internet acces can)
    So what is able to be published?

  2. Not sure if I have interpreted your message correctly but:
    As I understand it, the AQA AS & A2 ISAs are 'live' for a certain time & should not be discussed between schools or details revealed to pupils during this time - unless of course the pupils are sitting them. The 'live' ISAs are deemed 'dead' and discussable after a specific date (around mid to end of May I think) when the pupils marks have been submitted to & moderated by the exam board.
    You do not say which exam board you searched on, which dates you were doing your search or which ISAs you looked for - maybe the ones you found were historic ones? If they were 'live' ones, then there may have been a breach of the rules.
  3. they are live as far as I can tell - crumple zones, momentum

    do a search with google "crumple zone isa" - I've let aqa know. tell me what you think!
  4. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Occasional commenter

    Momentum is no longer a live ISA but Crumple Zone is. If the school you are thinking of is in Kent, then I agree that they have too much information about the exam on their website - as students are assessed on their ability to draw up a results table, having an exemplar easily available would give them an advantage.
  5. exactly what i thought - reply from aqa was it was ok! (forget exact words) - perhaps an exemplar should go on all school websites - it makes even more of a mockery of ISA's
  6. Well if it's OK, can I give my students an exemplar table for the ISA we are doing this week then?! How about an exemplar graph using class results? Of course they shouldn't be able to access this. Students know ISA content (my A level class tell me as much) from sites such as the studentroom, but, this really does not give them an advantage unless they've also seen a mark scheme....or a copy of an exemplar table!

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