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Is your car park empty at 3pm?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by transilvanian, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Our heating goes off with the children too ... it's freezing in the winter!! It also goes on with the children, so from 6.50 (when school opens) to 8.50 and 3.15 - 6.50 (when it closes) we work in an unheated, single-skin, uninsulated building with an uninsulated, leaking flat roof, and in my case no natural daylight to the classroom due to no windows. I'd prefer to work at home, but there are so many things that can't be done, not least invaluable meetings with colleagues, setting up resources etc etc. I take my hat off to those who are able to teach with families - I simply don't know how they manage!
  2. I don't think there are many teachers or families/friends of teachers who give this man's comments any credence whatsoever.
    Yes, there are underperforming teachers, but instead of trying to tackle this in an appropriate way, the Wilshaw/Gove alliance appears to want to paint an inaccurately negative picture of teachers. I cannot fathom what they hope to achieve. They don't even need public perception of teachers to be poor to drive schools to become academies - results manipulation and inaccurate/unfair inspections will take care of that.
    It's ironic - all teachers are trained to pile praise upon students who are doing the right thing, but they don't seem to think teachers work in the same way, but in reality everybody responds well to praise. It would be refreshing for some positivity about good teachers, which surely must be the vast majority?!
  3. I am a head, I work from 8.00 until 5.30 in school.I have 2 small childrwn and a husband who works away for long periods of time ( some may say this is a good thing!!!LOL) I have moved the school from unsatisfactory to good in a little over 1 year. Not to blow my own trumpet BUT the previous head was in school from at least 7.00 until 6.30 often opening and closing herself.......BUT the school was spiralling into failure. It is not the hours but the use you make of them!! Yes I also work at home when the children are in bed and I work at weekends BUT my point is an empty carpark proves NOTHING!! AND neither does a full one!!!!
  4. Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So that would be inadequate to Good then? unless it was little under a year a couple of years ago!
  5. Blowing your own trumpet indeed. An aspiration for many...
  6. Good point, I have an old trumpet in my loft, time to dust it off and find ye olde Stax covers band to join. I wonder if my poor old lungs still have the capacity?
  7. oeufsmiroir

    oeufsmiroir New commenter

    Really? How come?
  8. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    show me an experienced head who doesn't. 20 years in teaching, working in an advisory capacity for LAs, delivering training to aspiring and new headteachers, mentoring aspiring and new heads, working on various cross school projects and working with ITT providers. Why so incredulous?
  9. That would, of course, depend on the Local Authority- I can think of many who's judgements are about as accurate as the England team in a penalty shoot out !!!!!!!!!
  10. mychuck

    mychuck New commenter

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