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is Trip Advisor getting too big for its boots?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by inky, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I think it is.
  2. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    I don't
  3. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    In what way? I've just posted two reviews on there, funnily enough. Apparently, I'm one of their top contributors! I'm waiting for my uniform.
  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I contribute on there regularly. Why don't you like them inky owr wench?
  5. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    It relies on its contributors - it has no 'boots' to be too big for. Just like the TES forums. Oh, no wait......
  6. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I suppose too big for its boots was a badly chosen phrase. The new hotel thingy is unwieldy, though.
  7. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    So your question really was "is TripAdvisor something something?"
  8. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    They say that to me and I haven't put anything on for a couple of years.
  9. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    No!!!! I thought I was special!
  10. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I've done quite a few reviews for TripAdvisor, just because I enjoy writing them. They've taken to telling me I'm going to be rewarded and I gear myself up for some sort of voucher, or even just a sticker I can put in my car.

    Instead, they tell me I can have a "badge". I don't wear badges, but I suppose it's something. No, it isn't - it's a virtual "badge".

    Well, whoop de flippin' do.
  11. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I do the odd review, tending only to do them for smaller establisments that haven't had many (or any) reviews yet. Places with hundreds of reviews don't need another review doing that probably won't be read.

    I also tend to only review places I've been impressed with, especially where I feel that previous reviewers have been too negative. There are too many pedantic, niggly reviewers that will score establishments poorly for a seemingly trivial reason. I read one recently that scored a restaurant two stars because they and their companion were served each others' meals in error! Or reviews where it's been clear from the owner's replies that the customer didn't mention their grievances at the time. I only ever usually do a bad review if I've been treated badly or rudely and I feel that any complaints or queries have been ignored.

    Too many well-meaning establishments are feeling the curse of over-zealous trip-advisor reviewers. The star ratings often seem to fail to take into account value for money. If a hotel is basic yet clean and comfortable and a very good price, then the fact that it's basic shouldn't bring the rating down, yet it often seems to.

    I do look at reviews to get an overall picture of a place I've not visited before but always take them with a hefty pinch of salt. Far too many with delusions of their own grandeur not to mention a considerable lack in literacy skills. I've always felt that one should at least be able to spell reasonably well before being allowed to have one's work displayed for anyone in the world to read.
  12. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Some 'negative' comments are actually positives. We stayed in a B&B in a 15th Century house in Ghent a few years ago. It was fantastic, filled with antique furniture, suits of armour etc. - someone had complained that everything was too old. My daughter looked at reviews for a hotel in Menorca. Several reviewers complained that there were hardly any British people there and they served pasta (as a choice among other things) every day, my daughter booked it straight away and had a lovely holiday with her pasta eating children.
  13. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    I too am a champion reviewer, in fact I only need 1 more review to be the #6 reviewer in some small village I am vaguely aware of about 25 miles away where I presume some bit of telecoms hardware lives.
  14. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    I totally agree.

    I recently took a school trip to Paris, giving the name of the hotel we would be staying at in the final details letter to parents. One mother, clearly with more time on her hands than is good for her, wrote me a lengthy email prior to departure demanding why, in view of the Trip Advisor reviews, I had made the ludicrous decision to choose this hotel.

    But, as you say, it was a budget hotel perfectly suitable for school groups - a notch up from a youth hostel. In the event the staff couldn't have been more accommodating, and our stay was perfectly pleasant (apart from the extreme temperatures, but I wasn't going to blow the budget on hotels with air-conditioned luxury).

    It's not so much Trip Advisor per se, but the abuse of the site by unthinking / ignorant / grudge-bearing individuals that is the issue, imo.
  15. felltogroundinberkeleysquare

    felltogroundinberkeleysquare Established commenter

    Trip is a funny old thing, and it depends on the relationship between the business and them. Many have reviews removed almost instantly if they are negative and also businesses write their own reviews too. It is about as useful as a bag of hot air, and TA cannot risk being sued.
  16. tidal

    tidal New commenter


    And with the move to booking on site I suspect that such things will become more relevant
  17. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I'd never looked at Trip Advisor. I booked a holiday for September and just last night (after seeing this thread) looked up our hotel on trip advisor. Around 300 reviews but about 20 or so really negative ones that were horrifying. So bad we considered sacrificing our £150 deposit and booking somewhere else. However, everything in the negative reviews was complete contradicted by the positive ones: some said the food was the highlight of the trip, for others it was 'disgusting', some said the family who run the hotel were attentive and friendly' others said they were ignored.

    We've decide to just go and see for ourselves. Some people just expect the earth and complain when it doesn't come with the moon for free.
  18. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    I think you've hit the nail on the head.

    The nicest place we have ever stayed (and we've stayed there five times since we discovered it in 2009) has one or two dreadful reviews, and I really cannot believe they are genuine - they are so far from the mark of what the place is actually like.
  19. scienceteachasghost

    scienceteachasghost Lead commenter

    Where an organisation tries to spread itself too wide (TA allows you to review hotels, attractions, restaurants..........) the danger is that it doesn't 'excel' in any one of them and there are better alternatives that emerge for each. If you don't believe me, one word - Woolworths!
  20. scienceteachasghost

    scienceteachasghost Lead commenter

    PS in terms of the reviews, it is a reflection of humanity really! Some people are glass-half-fulls and some are glass-half-empties. Even the worst cockroach infested fleahole is rated well by the 18 year old stag do lads that have had a good time regardless and just want a bed to kip in whilst some people get uppity just because their napkins are folded the wrong way!

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