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Is time wasting on the increase?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by SayItLikeItIs, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. mummalea

    mummalea New commenter

    I make a rule of charging £10 for a first appointment, at which point I can quiz both the child and their parents/carers about what their expectations are. They get to suss me out for a tenner, ditto for me. Only one agency-referred student didn't come back for more lessons after this.

    Most of my students are agency-referred and I charge £40 an hour, usually cash in hand. I drive to them, as I feel that the last thing people need is to career around late at night like a lunatic, delivering/collecting their child when they've been at work all day.

    The only student I've sacked recently had a mother who 'forgot' to go to the cash point on a regular basis. One who didn't even make it to the £10 session was quite rude and deluded on the phone and I suggested to my agency that she'd be happier with a different tutor.

    Generally I get on really well with my tutees, I enjoy their efforts and try to feed back regularly to my parents. Equally, I'm constantly asking them for discreet feedback on school assessments and progress in order to fine tune my lessons.

    I'm beginning to feel overpowered with work - there's definitely a market for lots of anti-social hours tutoring i.e. weekends, however it's really up to me to manage it and I think previous posts have addressed the best way to organise a sensible work/life balance.

    Good luck everyone!

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