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Is this true about mat pay? Seems unfair!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ns324, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Yep it's true, and yep very unfair! I'm wondering what will happen when we go back off mat leave - I presume we then get the new rate of pay until August? And then go up a pay point again next Sept??
  2. Afraid it's true. Sorry couldn't give you better news.
  3. I am not sure the answer - though others seem to say it is true... but I thought it was based on your last 12 weeks' pay - not week 18 - 26. Am I wrong and it is based on week 18 - 26?

    BFB x
  4. According to my 'Estimated maternity pay' schedule, my qualifying week if the week I turned 25 weeks, and they then list the average weekly pay for the 8 weeks prior to the end of that week, so it looks like it our LEA they do weeks 17-25.
  5. Very true sorry, weeks 17-25. However, like another poster said, you'll still climb up the pays cake as normal every sept. you can also get proper pay on your kit days of you do them.
    Not great hey, but at least we get something other than smp (I'm just back at work after mat pay and whilst I wasn't the best paid of my friends, some only ever got stat...)
  6. SBW2009

    SBW2009 New commenter

    OMG - seems very unfair!
    Do you know about threshold? I'm going through it this year (I was on M6 last year but due to moving school applying this year). I know that i'll get it back paid in terms of my sep & oct pay by the time it goes through.
    If not, might end up going back even earlier (only takin 12 weeks as it is :()
  7. Thanks everyone for your answers.

    Yes seems very unfair that we don't get the increase JUST because we are on maternity, discriminatory in fact.
    Don't know anything about threshold unfortunately. Maybe clarify with your HR as maybe different authorities operate differently.
  8. I got my UPS 2 back dated and the extra in my maternity pay. I got the UPS 2 in November which was then backdated and taken into account for my maternity pay which started at the end of December.
  9. SBW2009

    SBW2009 New commenter

    Super thanks!
  10. This is not true!!! My school tried to set my maternity pay based on my previous point due to the usual rule about calculating it based on the weeks stated (I started leave on Sept 10th 2011). But is isn't allowed as you can't discriminate because someone is having a baby (as in 'full pay' in the first 4 weeks of mat leave can't be less than it would be if you hadn't had a baby). I queried it and after quoting some european courts of justice rulings they agreed it was discriminatory and I was paid at the new point. Let me know if you want me to dig out the links that back up your case.
  11. Spidlet, this is really interesting and I would be very interested in any further info that you have on this as I will definitely query it as it really is discriminatory! Really appreciate your help in this. Peapod.
  12. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hi Tweesie,
    You should go up the pay spine to M6 as normal even when you're off on mat leave so son't worry about that. You could even request the necessary forms to sign for threshold whilst you're off to get the ball rolling sometime in April / May as part of your discussions about returning to work on whatever basis. This is what I have done whilst on Mat leave.
  13. Been on to my union about this and they have confirmed that it is unlawful to pay us based on weeks 17-25, if we have had a pay increase since.
  14. This is really interesting for anyone starting maternity leave shortly actually, as we will effectively be being paid less as most of us will have moved up a pay point this Sept. Would be interested to hear from anyone challenging this with payroll and how they got on!
  15. My union said they challenge this practice on the grounds of sex discrimination. Also, that the 17-25 week rule applies to jobs where there often isn't a significant increase in salary. But we will see. I WILL be challenging it if the situation arises.
  16. Does going up the main scale by one point count as significant or not do you think? Which union are you with out of interest?
  17. Perhaps 'significant' was the wrong word to use. In monetary terms, no, 1 point is not significant to many. Although, when faced with cost of a new baby i would argue that every penny counts! What the union was trying to convey was that the 17-25 week rule is fair in many jobs where the salary has not changed throughout the pregnancy. In teaching, however, where we have moved up the pay spine then the 17-25 week rule is unfair and to be denied this financial benefit purely because we have taken maternity leave is in the union advisers words 'unlawful'. He advised that the law is quite clear on this. We didn't get into the finite details, acts of legislation ect, as there is still a chance that my maternity pay will be calculated on my new September rate. HR have given me different responses on the question of my pay. They appear to be very unorganised so I will be checking my pay closely.
  18. I've only just seen this thread, but am very interested. I'm on M6 at the mo, but currently applying to go through threshold. I'll be going off on mat leave after Christmas. If I've understood this thread correctly, my mat pay will be calculated from my M5 salary?
    I wish I could remember what I was paid last time, but I think I just assumed it was correct at the time.

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