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Is this too long on the carpet?!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by BlueberryPots, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. I just wanted to gauge opinion of others as to me it just seems too long, but maybe I am just not spending enough time on the carpet?!

    My Reception children are usually on the carpet about 20mins. The class next to mine is nursery and they are often kept on the carpet for 30 - 40 minutes.

    This afternoon the children were sat on the carpet for 35 minutes! This seems far too long for nursery children to me! If it was a variety of interactive type activities that would be a different case but it's literally a 'sit and listen' type thing. The teacher is very nice and (new to the class) although not at all new to teaching.

    I don't feel its my place to say anything as I'm only a few years into the job myself and I don't think my opinion would be 'valued' if you see what I mean.

    Don't know if I should just let her get on with things or should I speak to the Early Years leader? I don't want to be seen as a 'snitch', but my primary concern is for the children and making sure they get the best learning experience in school!

    Any advice welcome!
  2. I'd say it's too long, even in ks2 classes, let alone nursery. It will probably come up in an observation but if you get on well with the EY leader then I'd have a quiet word and explain the situation. If you think she will be able to bring it up and address it without letting on that she's been told about it, then I'd definitely go that way. If you're not sure about her approach though, could you bring it up casually as though it's something you keep trying to work on? Your first priority is to the children but you also need to ensure you continue to have a good working relationship with her.
  3. That does sound too long, but it depends on whether the children are spellbound and learning for all that time or fidgety and disengaged for the last 30 minutes. I think it is unlikely they are spellbound, but who knows?Perhaps you could mention that you keep your carpet times short to escape criticism from SLT, gently putting it into her mind that long carpet times are generally not encouraged. And I agree, if you have a pleasant tactful manager, mention it to her/him.
  4. Alternatively, is it really for you to say? Perhaps your manager should be visting your classrooms more often to see what everybody is doing and then make the call. It sounds long to me but if the teacher is able to keep the chn's attention for that long Good Luck to her.

    I suspect she can't. However, she is actually teaching them to sit at Carpet Time. And if they are quiet .. joy of joys for the next year because that teacher may then be able to teach and not keep being interrupted.

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