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Is this the end of supply as we know it?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by shalteir, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. It is a postcode lottery. Also bound to be slower off the ground when new to an area.

  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've earned just over £3k since April 2010. My daily rate is £162 as I'm on M6 and I only work for for the LA agency that pays to scale.
    In 2007 I earned around £24k on supply whilst not at the top of the payscale!
    Daily supply teaching is dead in the water.
    I've been holding out for over a year now in the hope of getting a maternity leave or long term sick cover but nothing has come up.
    I'm looking for permanent work (f/t or p/t) but needing 2 teaching references is a poser after so many years being circulated around multiple schools that don't observe me teaching and don't offer me PM reviews. I have my LA agency only as a referee.

  3. I know how you feel: supply is dead here in London, too. My total earnings since May 2010 has been £63! Hopefully, it will be more when agencies pay up. If I counted the number of days work I have had in the last nine months, I woul not need al the fingers on one hand. I have applied for every maths and science post possible, but nothing. Schools see you age (late 50s) and your pay point (UP3) and hurl your application in the dustbin. I am surprised, though, that there is no long-term supply cover coming my way through agencies, as this way a school gets an experienced staff teacher at rock bottom rate.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I'm late 50s too and had hoped to build up my pension in these last few years as I was a late entrant to teaching.
    I'm concerned now at how they'll calculate my pay-out if my final salary is miniscule!
    I've seen a 0.5 post in a subject I've done a training course for in the last year. If I am successful I'd hope to pick up any supply cover at the same school to boost earnings but, to be honest, I think they'd look at my age (57) and M6 pay point and bin the application.
  5. Jubilee. I have applied for my pension, although it will be AR, as I ahve given up on the idea of supply or other work: as i said, since May, four days work. However, as I have discovered, LEAs are now routinely delaying pension claims by six months, so I wil have to wait until the end of the year.
  6. hi, I am relocating to notts soon. Who is the LA agency there?
  7. None as far as I know of (I did supply in Notts/Derby for about 6 years).

    Derby City did have an LEA supply bank but I assume it's long-since closed, Derbyshire gave theirs to Hays long ago.
  8. I'm a TA, just come off supply in Notts as I've got a job starting in Sept. I can recoommend an agency or two if you are interested, inbox me with your email address. Both agencies I worked through have teachers and TAs on their books. I worked almost full time frim when I registered with them until end of term.

  9. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Albertdog What amazes me, is that the Department of Education keep saying that there is a shortage of science and math teachers in London and that is why the schools and academies need to recruit the unqualified none teachers to teach these subjects and all the other subjects.
    Have you thought of writing to the Department of Education to see what their explanation is for the lack of jobs for teachers in London is, especially science and maths teachers, because I would interested to see their response. The situation for us supply teachers and for all teachers, will get worse with the latest move to anyone who can walk upright to teach, even if they have no qualifications. Oh I forget that is the criteria for many schools already.
    Personally I am the same in the position, in the North West there are to many schools using unqualified staff and I am amazed if I get 2 days supply per month, I can remember when In the past I was on guaranteed pay at certain periods due to the demand for supply teachers. As I have implied already, the latest reform is the almost the final nail being hammered in to the coffin for supply teachers and perhaps the first of many nails for the permanent teachers as well.

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