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Is this round ligament pain?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by betty73, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. In need of a second opinion/ someone to tell me to stop worrying!!!!
    Got off the sofa rather quickky earlier and immediately felt sharp pains across my lower belly ( in the bottom half between public line and bellybutton). It's really unconmfortable and sharp - like the pain when you've sprained your ankle and you try to walk on it.
    Baby is kicking away as usual but now i'm being neurotic and worrying myself as the pain is still there (but it comes and goes) and i'm worrying that maybe she's kicking because something is wrong :(
    I'm such an anxious freak and just need to know if these pains are nornal or not!
    Betty (26 weeks)
  2. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    It does sound like ligament pain. Try not to worry and just take it steady for a bit. You will keep noticing it if you concentrate on it too much x
  3. Thanks Coolgiraffe, I worry myself stupid about everything at the moment!!!
  4. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    I know! The worrying doesn't stop really - I'm still doing it at 36 weeks!!!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better. Just think about how far your uterus and ligaments have had to stretch, there's no wonder we get twinges and aches.
    Take care, Coolgiraffe xxx
  5. Have the pains stopped betty? I am worried that you say they are coming and going. If they are still.there will you please go and get checked over? It is probably nothing but its better to be too careful I think.
  6. Thanks for the replies.
    The pains went away but they do come back when i'm moving around so I think it must be my ligaments having a strop. Got myself really worried last night though but reading other peoples replies helped to put my mind at ease so thankyou.
    Think the baby is on a growing mission this week as my bump is feeling really heavy so I suppose it would make sense for everything to be stretching.
    Get the occassional period pain like wave about once every two days or so but they are very mild so i'm guessing my body is just practicing contractions maybe? Any ideas?
    Betty (26+1)
  7. If its just one every hour or so that is probably ok. I dont mean to scare you but the way your OP reads to me is that you were having contractions. Also regardless please get checked by midwife to make sure you dont have UTI because these can trigger prem labour. I had contractions at 31 weeks and ended up on labour ward - they took it really seriously. It isnt worth taking chances.
  8. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    Defo sounds like round ligament pain to me Betty - I was getting it for a while when I started exercising again in my 2nd trimester. I get it sometimes if I get up off the couch too quickly/cough/do sit-ups etc. It feels like something has 'twinged' or snapped, but it's not there all the time. Give yourself a couple of days, and if you're still worried, call the midwife.
  9. I've been getting occasional pains around my pubic bone too - when I turn over in bed etc. Been trying to ignore them as I know my OH will worry about them. They go almost immediately though. I'm only just 13 weeks and have no real bump yet...

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