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is this reflux? opinions please...

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenjames, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    my LO is a month old and after nearly every feed he brings up his milk. it doesn't bother him when it happens, it just dribbles out of him. it's not the little amount that comes out when he possets, it looks exactly the same as when it went in (sorry if TMI). this continues all the way to his next feed and is horrendous if we lay him on his back (think fountain). he's gaining weight and is healthy, it's just a 'mare trying to keep him upright and having to change his and my clothes constantly. have any of you experienced this? will it go as he gets older? thanks, kj
  2. MLT


    Speak to your doctor. If it is acid reflux they are the only ones who can perscribe Infant Gaviscon. My daughter did the same thing, but also had colic attached to it (be thankful you haven't experienced that). Like your LO she has happily put on weight and did not seem bothered by being sick, but when I mentioned this to the HV she suggested reflux and I went to the doctor.
    Have you tried breaking up the feeding and giving them a burp? Sometimes milk sits ontop of gas and when that begins to move they can be sick. You may not get any crying because they are filled up by gas, as it does move before it gets very uncomfortable.

    Main thing is not to worry to much abou it or about worrying. If they are not crying its not hurting them and is more distressing for us.
  3. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    oh i've experienced colic too! he had a week where he was inconsolable, we're having a good patch at the moment (thank goodness). my HV swears it's just wind and not reflux but he doesn't show signs of having wind and always obliges with a couple of good burps after a feed (thankyou infacol!). you're right about the fact it's more distressing for me, he hardly bats an eyelid. well i'll try not to worry and will mention at next docs appointment. thanks for your reply, kj x
  4. We had something similar which could go on for an hour after every feed. It lasted until he was weaned and on 3 proper meals per day. The washing machine was never off and we regularly ran out of muslins, despite having more than 30!
    We tried him with infant gaviscon but it's meant to be given after breastfeeding, by which time he was already vomiting. If we added it to a bottle of EBM it blocked the teat and he got so frustrated and worked up that it made him vomit more. In the end, it was burping him every 4 or 5 mins if BFing or every 20 - 30ml if bottle feeding that helped the most.
    We kept him in his moses basket for 5 mths (not literally) and put a towel under the legs at the head end so it tilted and he was never completely flat which did help. He often woke up with his bum against the foot of the basket and his legs in the air but it didn't seem to disturb his sleep.
    Like your LO, it didn't bother him. Food comes up as easily as it goed down until the valve at the top of their stomach strengthen. Even now, LO can vomit a whole meal and immediately sit their with his mouth wide open waiting for more. Last night it was salmon and the kitchen is still suffering the consequences this morning.
    Good luck and don't be afraid to see your GP - we saw ours 3 or 4 times to try different things
  5. I remember this well - the Health visitor said it wasn't a worry as my baby was putting on weight and the sick didn't bother her. However after a few months we had had enough as it just didn't seem fair on her. The doc happily gave us baby Gaviscon which worked for a bit - I also found HiPP organic fennel tea (cooledl) useful. He said as she was born a few weeks early her valve at the top of her stomach was probably a bit floppy. In the end we were prescribed Ranitidine and it stopped it instantly. You know your baby best - if it's bothering her, be persistent ! Good luck x
  6. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    thanks for your replies. i am definitely going to try and get this sorted as i'm starting to dread feeding times as he invariably brings up what seems like loads of milk and he and i are always covered in it. he even has a feed in the middle of the night and brings some up a few hours later! what i'm not sure about is that if it was reflux, would it upset him? because at the moment he doesn't even notice and he's generally a happy chappy. any ideas?
  7. MLT


    I think it must a little, but not hugely. Not very helpful I know. My Issy kept on smiling, and although it has started up again (so back to the doctors for Rantidine or Dempemdone - stronger then Gavicon), she smiles straight after she has been sick.But there is a little distressed look just before.

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