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Is this normal?!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by jem_h, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, My baby is due on Sunday so I'm countdown at the moment! I haven't really had many 'bad' experiences so far, but for the last couple of days I've been a complete wreck and would appreciate some advice from any mums!
    I am aching all over, including bump, back, shoulders and knuckles(!); feeling sick and have been sobbing on my poor fiance for a couple of days. I've also got quite bad sciatic pain too so I'm finding it difficult to stand and sit down.
    Is this a sign its on its way or am I just overeacting? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
    Thanks, Jem x
  2. Hi, Don't worry you are not over reacting, it sound to me that you are reacting in a totally normal way to a life changing process! Your hormones will be all over the place so some sobbing sessions are inevitable.
    As for your physical symptoms on the night I went into labour every joint on my body including my knuckles and toes became suddenly really painful, it worried me at the time as I didn't know why it was happening but after labour began I assumed it must have been something to do with hormones relaxing the ligaments in my joints to make my body ready for the birth process. Also remember your body has been taking alot of strain for the last few weeks so unfortunatly some aching is to be expected.
    Hope your baby arrives safely soon, it will be worth the wait! xx
  3. i was in the worst mood ever when i went overdue. the day i went into labour i have never felt so irritated, unreasonable, sore and grumpy in my life!
    i read that mood changes near the end are normal due to 1-exhaustion and having had enough and 2- your hormones changing to bring on labour.
    don't worry about it - there's nothing unreasonable about being sore & grumpy at 40 weeks!!
    good luck!
  4. Thanks I'm pleased to know I'm not going mad! I'm not really someone who suffers with my moods being affected by hormones normally so its taken some getting used to!
    Thanks for the reassurance!x
  5. The day before I went into labour I had a massive emotional break down-tears, shouting, and more tears 'I hate pregnancy, I can't do it any more, I hate the neighbour.'.... All because the neighbour had said it would be 'panic stations' when I went into labour and we would forget everything we had been taught.

    So it could be soon, good luck!

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