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Is this just a Glasgow thing?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4561, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I remember as a very small child in Glasgow, falling down a flight of steps in the tenement we lived in. I got a bit of grit in my eye which got infected and half of my face became swollen. Doctor was convinced my mother had battered me! Kept saying "Very unusual injury for falling down stairs...." and for years afterwards every time my mum went to see him, kept asking "And how's the wee girl?" So maybe there has always been a higher expectation of violence in Glasgow.....
  2. I was one of those rough and tumble kids prone to bruises, scratches, etc. as I didn't play with dolls but was always outside.
    When Mum got divorced and we moved in with my Grandparents, teachers were convinced something untoward was happening at home.
    It took ages until one finally said to my Mum "Well, we heard your father is from Glasgow...".
    Talk about prejudices or what!
    It might have been well-meaning but looking back, it really gets me annoyed.
  3. The old chestnut of Glaswegians being all about violence is so yesteryear.

    Whenever I think of Weegies, they automatically go into the gay hairdresser/fashion victim category. Unfair, yes, but so are all stereotypes... :)

  4. Actually - I take that back. Not all stereotypes are unfair!

  5. True, but only to a certain extent. Sometimes it seems as if there are nightly fatal stabbings in the city and its nearby neighbours so the mean streets are still mean for some.
    The fashion victim stereotype has a whole lot of truth in it. On Saturday afternoons, there is a parade of them on Buchanan Street. As someone who regards Edinburgh as adopted city of choice, I find it all a bit OTT over there. Edinburgh is like a breath of fresh air, in comparison - except in the environs of Harvey Nicks where day trippers from Glasgow are often to be found...
    I read once that some (many?) Glasgow hairdressers spend an entire week's *wages* on a high fashion item.
    BUT Glaswegians are so much more friendly and laid-back and genererally nicer. And that counts for a lot. I love Edinburgh and everything about it: its beauty, it's setting, its particular style - but it's cold... At least, that has been my impression.
  6. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    We had a statue of Queen Victoria on her throne outside the old entrance of the Royal Victoria Hospital.
    She was rarely seen without a cigarette in her mouth :O
  7. Me and my band mates caught the 64 bus once and went to Auchenshuggle..... there was nothing there but a petrol station and some houses! (This was at least 20 years ago!) We later wrote a song about it "The Day We Went To Auchenshuggle"!
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Now coffeekid will have to believe that Auchenshuggle exists.

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