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Is this idea good or silly for teaching life cycles, year 5. Please help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by thedancingqueen, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Before I post this, I do take teaching really seriously. I just like adapting my approaches so that they suit the children that I'm teaching. I've just started my placement school with a year 5 class and I've been told that I'm going to be teaching life cycles after easter, but my teacher wants me to come up with some initial planning ideas as soon as possible. I have been told that visual aids work well with this class and the children also like drama.

    In my second lesson within the topic of life cycles (the first will teach children to identify parts of a flowering plant) I am going to teach children the functions of each of these parts. Rather than just telling them, I thought I could recap what we did in the previous lesson (identifying the parts of a flowering plant), introduce children to the functions through a powerpoint maybe? Are there better ways to do this? I then thought I could give children a card. Some will have a card with a word on saying the name of a part from the plant and the other children will have a function written on their card. The children will then need to walk around and find their partner and we will then check this before the children begin their task and help children if they are struggling to find their partner. I want to make the learning really memorable. I've never taught drama before and barely know the class. It might be a ridiculous idea and I do have reservations about it but I thought (not sure which materials to give them) that the children could pretend to be the thing on their card. By this I mean that if a child had 'petal' written on their card and had found their partner who had the function of a petal written on their card, their focus would be petals. I thought that I could give the children a concise information sheet for their topic and books for them to research their topic further. They could make a simple costume (for one pair it would be a petal). Doesn't need to be complex and they could even just cut out a petal shape and hold it in front of them. They can plan what they're going to say and then I thought they could (later that lesson or if too ambitious, the following lesson) present to the rest of the class. The children in the petal costume would pretend to be petals and could say 'I am a petal. I am..... etc). Is this a good/silly idea? They are year 5's so is it more for younger children?
    I don't know if I'm keen on the idea and probably haven't explained it clearly here. I just thought it would be a nice change from worksheets, it would be memorable and it would reinforce using a non-fiction text to find information. They would be putting the information into their own words and speaking in the first person. I thought it would be useful. Their performance, if you can call it a performance, could be recorded (i'll ask the teacher first) and the children could then watch it back.

    What do you think? I'd rather hear honest feedback and if it's not a good idea, no problem. I can adapt it or forget about it completely. Teaching's a learning curve and I'd rather find out if my ideas are good or not before I use them. Thanks in advance.
  2. I suppose it would be more appropriate for a younger class [​IMG] I have been told by the teacher to try to incorporate drama because they need to learn to be more imaginative but maybe this can't really be called drama and maybe it's not appropriate. I just thought that if the children are reading the information and can't use it word for word, changing the wording will help to get them thinking and can help to test their own understanding. Teaching year 5 is new to me and I've only been with the class for two days now so I'm still getting used to it. Haven't seen much teaching yet so I don't really know how much the children understand in science. Observing a science lesson would be useful to see which approaches the school uses.
  3. Time to scrap this idea in favour of a much better one. Wish it was possible to delete posts.

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