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Is this fair?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by doodle_dt, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I am overseeing a Faculty where the Head of Department for one of my subjects asked her other subject teacher (on her return from maternity leave the week before the summer holidays) to plan an entire Level 2 BTEC course to deliver the first week back in September.

    The subject teacher has come back part-time (3 days) and is really struggling with the amount of paperwork etc involved in setting up this BTEC and seems to have worked really hard over the summer, but just can't get her head around it all on her own.
    The HOD says she cannot help her as she is the person responsible for verifying all the work.
    Do you think this situation is fair/right? What would you do?
  2. I would say that part of her verifying the work is checking that it is correct and telling her what to do it its not.

    Also - to have to write an ENTIRE BTEC course yourself in 1 summer is a HUGE ask. As long as the units are internally verified before teaching of that particular unit there is no reason for the whole course to be written. I still have one unit of the BTEC unwritten because its not being taught until next year, the whole course doesnt have to be written and checked before the course begins, just the unit being taught at that time.
    Secondly there is no reason why the whole course has to be written or verified by the same person. In my department 3 of us took a couple of units each and then as we finished writing them gave them to one of the other 2 to verify.
    Looks like that particular HOD is trying to make excuses to dumping the workload onto someone else, and writing an ENTIRE course along with the SOW, Student unit outline, resources etc. is a massive workload.

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