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Is this bullying or discrimination?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Lil_Miss_Trouble, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Over the last three years at my current school I have had a somewhat strained relationship with my HoD. I believe by not agreeing with the HOD on a couple of things has made the HoD dislike me. I have felt on occasions that I've been spoken to in a patronising way and feel intimidated and not always comfortable speaking to her.

    My marking has been scrutinised heavily and I have taken on some feedback and adapted it to address issues, however the second in department has also started to scrutinise heavily.

    The HOD has been reporting on me to the Head without my knowledge but not informing me if she is concerned.

    This year after reluctantly telling my HOD about my pregnancy, things have gone downhill. My PM objectives were not approved, then my threshold application was rejected. confidentiality was breached on two occasions (one personal matter and one professional), my requests for support have been ignored by HoD/SLt/Head, my risk assessment not completed until a month before my maternity, no concern for my well-being and then when i'm due to go on maternity (last month) I have been told (without any indication through the year) that I have had an unsuccessful PM cycle. I disagree because I have evidence to show I have met my objectives.

    I'm confused about how I've been treated. All i know is that it's wrong and unfair.
  2. atwoodfan

    atwoodfan New commenter

    Please do contact your union! This sounds like a really stressful situation to be in. Documenting as much of what has happened / been said (as well of course as keeping your evidence of meeting PM objectives) will be important. Can you speak to the Head about your concerns?
    Were acceptable / clear reasons given for not putting you through Threshold? Who do you think was the actual decision maker?
    I would also try to enjoy your maternity leave in the short term and not allow all of this to ruin it.
    Take care.
  3. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    So many of us go through this - that's the bad news. The good news is that most of us survive and end up in better places. You could try the next level in your union. You could also try applying for other posts - you can apply for other jobs while you are on maternity leave.
    I am sure you will find a school where you will be much happier in time - please don't let anything spoil your time with your baby when (s)he arrives.

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