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Is this Braxton Hicks?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by dilly_84, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. dilly_84

    dilly_84 New commenter

    Evening all!
    I apologise in advance if I seem rather clueless...but I am! Today my lower tummy keeps going rock solid and then after a couple of minutes it relaxes again. It's not painful, just really uncomfortable especially if I'm walking at the same time.
    Is this Braxton Hicks? I'm only 24+6 so I'm not too sure if this is too early for them.
    Also bean has gone really low in my belly (below my belly button) and has been there for a few days now, is this what is causing the contractions?
    Finally, could they be brought on by stress? I've had quite a sh1te day (just got home now and cooking tea at 10pm) so not sure if that could be anything to do with it.
    Many, many thanks for your help!
    Dilly x
  2. Yes it does sound like braxton hicks to me - teacher and not a doctor though. I got them really early on with my first - at around 20 weeks and remember being double over till they past. Don't know if stress had anything to do with them but being physically active brought them on as did if I was crouching down a lot - I was in nursery/infants at the time and couldn't sit down on pupils chairs for very long or that set them off.
    Hope that reassures you.
    By the way - getting home at 10pm isn't great. Try to put your feet up as it's just not worth burning yourself out. You and baby come first![​IMG]
  3. Hi, ive had bh for a few weeks and it sounds like they are. MW said nothing to worry about. Busy days and quickly changing position seem to bring mine on.
    Sounds like you had a long old day,
    iltw x

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