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is this a good offer - Bangkok

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by MrsCurious, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. MrsCurious

    MrsCurious New commenter

    Hello. new round here!
    After taking the plunge to apply for some overseas jobs I have been offered a post at an international school in Bangkok. It has a big campus by the river, but this is at their newer junior-only campus.
    I have got two children age 4 and 6, I understand the school is predominantly Thai children, not sure if my children would struggle to integrate of if it's likely fine at that age? appreciate any experience or thoughts on this.

    Package is 130,000 THB per month before tax. After tax this is just over 107,000 and then there is a 'tax' on the benefit of the free accommodation of the THB equiavelent of £100 per month (is this around 5000 TBH?) So I guess only just over 100,000 per month.
    The package includes medical for whole family (no dental in this), paid-for accommodation in a condo near the original campus, two free school places for my children.

    I guess I'm asking if this salary and package is okay? I have 8 years of experience including HoD but this is just a class teacher role in a specialist subject.

    I have lived overseas before in a different part of SE Asia, but I was the trailing spouse and my children were very little. My husband is likely but not definitely to be allowed to transfer to his company's office in BKK but we cannot guarantee this so we would have to live off this salary for at least the first few months.
  2. gone east

    gone east New commenter

    The short answer is yes you can live quite nicely off 100K PCM. However, it won't leave much over. We spend about that each month and don't skimp on many things but you won't have loads left over for holidays. Two salaries like that and you're laughing!
    I know the School to which you allude and have never heard of people there moaning (more than usual!) about their pay.
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  3. tjh102

    tjh102 Occasional commenter

    That is one of the better packages in Bangkok. I got similar at my old school (before the new management came and slashed salaries) but without the accommodation allowance.

    My current salary is around 70k with no accommodation allowance. Perfectly adequate for me and I have a nice apartment in the city centre. One of my colleagues at the school is on 65k and supports her partner and child on that.
  4. percy topliss

    percy topliss Occasional commenter

    That is not a bad salary and should come into its own once your husband starts work so that you can live on yours and save his. I am a little surprised at it though as this school is way over subscribed hence the reason that they have built this campus.

  5. MrsCurious

    MrsCurious New commenter

    Thanks - are you surprised as you think it's low-ish for the school? Good to know it's not a bad salary, I hadn't realised tax was as much as that in Thailand though - should have done my research on that!
  6. sid1913

    sid1913 New commenter

    Bear in mind that schools are currently off because of the pollution. Doubling my salary couldn't make me stay here at the minute.
  7. percy topliss

    percy topliss Occasional commenter

    Lowish, but not bad considering experience. The pollution has been bad since Christmas but this is the first time in 20 years that it has been so. It will pass...

  8. MrsCurious

    MrsCurious New commenter

    are you leaving Bangkok because of this?
  9. sid1913

    sid1913 New commenter

    Yes I am. Well, I've decided not to renew my contract. Shopping around, it's a very good package and I am taking a slight pay cut but I'll be breathing in fresh air, won't be gridlocked in traffic and will be able to walk along the pavement in peace.
  10. gilderbeast2000

    gilderbeast2000 New commenter

    With 2 kids you wont be saving much on that salary. I'm in a smaller school and earning about 120,000 after tax. I can save 40 to 50k Thai baht a month but we live a Thai lifestyle and dont blow all our money on expat food and 5 star hotels, like some of my colleagues do...I have a non working spouse and a 9 year old. Bangkok is quite expensive to live in nowadays.

    I would expect an oversubscribed and famous school like that to pay more. Did you mean 40,000 TH baht living allowance. A 5000 baht allowance is nothing here..

    Also the location of the new campus you will work at is beside a huge road and expressway. Not the healthiest place to be in school for you or your kids.. Good luck..
  11. pedrfawkes

    pedrfawkes New commenter

    The level of tax seems rather high and my salary includes an inflated housing allowance because there's no tax charged on accommodation benefits. The school you describe is one of the top payers in Thailand so your salary after tax seems a little low.
  12. gone east

    gone east New commenter

    You should be taxed on your housing allowance!

    I agree with Perce about the pollution... I has passed and wasn't as bad as the hysteria around it made it seem anyway.
  13. JKBKK

    JKBKK New commenter

    The key is that it's a for-profit, and that makes a huge difference. A position with 8 years of experience at the school named for the NW London suburb would also be 125,000 (before taxes and other benefits), and both are at the higher end compared to most other schools here. Only the big three--all not-for-profits--pay well above this.
  14. sid1913

    sid1913 New commenter

    And the pollution is back with a bang today!
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