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Is this a good idea for a ten minute activity for year3/4, for TA position?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jimmyjam007, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. jimmyjam007

    jimmyjam007 New commenter

    I have an interview for a TA position next week and am required to come up with a ten minute activity for a group of year 3/4 children. I have been told that it must be able to lead onto a peice of writing. I have had some ideas such as story creators but dont really know how i would get this rolling along and I dont want to end up with awkward silences. I have never taught children before so any advice from QT would be great.
    What I was thinking of doing was a problem solving activity. Basically, starting with a short story which contains a problem. Then ask the children to identify what the problem was and who had the problem. I would then ask them for ways the character could overcome the problem and brainstorm these onto a kind of mind map on the IWB. I was then thinking I could get each child to think about a problem or a concern they have and write these on a post it (anonomously). Then they place their problems into a 'worry box' that will be at the front of the room. I would then ask for a volunteer who would come up to the front , place on the 'thinking cap' and be the chief problem solver. This child would then pick out a problem from the worry box and try to come up with a solution to the problem. The problems and solutions could be brainstormed onto the IWB. I could then ask the children that their writing activity was to write a letter to a famous person with a problem and tell them how to solve their problem. The children can decide what famous person and what problem. I was thinking the LO's for this activity would be to think about worries and concerns, to be able to solve problems and be able to express opinions. If I got asked how it would fit into the curriculum I could say it is speaking and listening as well as writing.
    Does this sound like a fun and interesting activity? Something that children of this age would find engaging? I dont want to bore them to death for ten minutes! I was quite happy with this , this morning but then my friend who works in a nursery said it sounded quite serious and I should do something more fun. I want to show the headteacher that I can be fun, but I what to be taken seriously also. Any opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the long post! Thanks
  2. Personally I don't think your learning objective is clear enough and you are trying to cram far too much into such a short session! You will be a complete stranger to them so they may not be very willing to start sharing/writing problems with you.

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