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Is there much supply in North Lincolnshire /Hull for Primary Teachers?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by lifeisfun, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Returning to supply after a year on contract. I'm beginning to feel like someone in one of those post nuclear hollocaust survival dramas of the 1970's. Schools where only TAs cover absences, regular cover and all PPA. Jobs proudly announced on the staff weekly timetable as NQT only. Busloads of young girls with nice handbags looking around schools falling over each other to say clever things to impress the Head! What has happened out there? I wanted to return to full time but am now revising my plans. Perhaps in four years time there will be a surge in maternity cover posts!!!
    Seriously - what's N. Lincs / Hull like for supply? Who do I apply to?
  2. baileysonice

    baileysonice New commenter

    Before I moved away from Lincolnshire I was working for Vision for Education who are based in Scunthorpe, Lincs. They were great and kept me busy for the 2/3 months I was on supply with them. I was actually working in the South of the county but they would be worth a try.
  3. helenemdee

    helenemdee Occasional commenter

    Sign up with Reed in Scunthorpe. They told me the other day that lots of their teachers are getting long-term and maternity positions so they really need more teachers at the moment. They cover all of North Lincs and some of South Yorkshire.

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