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Is there life after teaching? Advice please

Discussion in 'Personal' started by harsh-but-fair, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    welcome to TES, undecided
  2. am moving on myself, and may report on this when Im settled in my new path.
  3. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Is there life after teaching? Of course, but expect:

    • lower pay
    • less job security
    • much less favourable pension conditions
    • fewer holidays
  4. Hello harsh-but-fair
  5. Amylicorice

    Amylicorice New commenter

    I felt the same way recently. I was tired and bullied at work. The drive to my interview was so far (over half an hour on a road I didn't know) and it was a hot day. I then got lost. I thought to myself... I should just pull over and have a cup of tea and reconsider what I am doing, because I don't think I can teach anymore.
    Well that was a moment. A moment where you make one decision or the other. And I kept driving, most because of crazy London traffic. And you know what? I got the best job. The kind of job that makes you think 'oh this just feels right'.
    So why not give it one more try?
  6. Samjam1

    Samjam1 New commenter

    I had a really tough time at work just recently, and was questioning wheteher I am cut out for all this s trees, stress sorry (delete button has packed up!), but on reflectin and thibnking more clearly, I think it's the place, not the job. It might be just the right change for yoou, you never know. Good luck. Sorrry about erratic spelling!
  7. I have thought about tha fact that perhaps I just need a change of scenery but I have friends who teach at various different schools and it appears to be the same in most places.
  8. sorry, jujubear!
    just the way my life is at the mo!
  9. Sounds very intriguing sumlushlass [​IMG]
  10. Intrigue is my middle name!
  11. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Give it one last try!
    Teaching is the best job in the world................
    .when it is going right.
    When it is shy t then it is the worst job in the world. But don't let he bullies have the last word.
  12. Not always. I left teaching on M2 to a job which paid 8k more. I left that after 8 months and took a paycut but pays equivalent to M4 (which I would be on this September had I stayed in teaching). It's a local govt job (they both were) so my pension conditions, although less favourable, are hardly to be sniffed at. The first role is also, like teaching, one I could step back into if I needed to. And in my current job I can earn flexi so while I only have 27 days a year (plus paid time at Christmas when we shut down), I can also have a day every time I've earnt 7 hours overtime - which at the moment is at least once a month. So almost 40 days a year, that I can take whenever I want.

    I appreciate I left teaching early so did not have to take a salary knock in the way those on UPS would. But leaving teaching does not always have to mean trading for a lower paid job and the benefits for me...well, I couldn't put a price on them. I have my life back!
  13. Hi Bunque!
    Great to see u r still around. and finding variety since you left teaching. Glad you are confident about being able to slot back into it should you wish to at any point; experience and a variety of skills in a diversity of areas is the way to go these days.
    And yes, most importantly, you do get ur life back.
    We need a catch up!
  14. That sounds a good job to me bunique. I haven't been teaching for long, only a couple of years. I have never really managed to a get to a significant wage so I would probably be better off financially out of teaching. Not having the six weeks holiday wouldn't bother me if I could be in a job with fairly good holiday and not having to spend the majority of my weekend planning and marking.
    Glad to hear everthing is going well for you after leaving teaching [​IMG]
  15. I left teaching and now work in management in horticulture. Fantastic! Great Fun! Manageable levels of stress (which means I don't need so many holidays!). Get out while you can retain your sanity!

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