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Is there anybody out there?

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by thingskeepchanging, May 20, 2020.

  1. Lost_in_Learning

    Lost_in_Learning New commenter

    Hi! I'm Lauren at Lost in Learning.
    I've been selling on here, passively, for four years and have only recently attempted to step up my game.
    I honestly wasn't aware that there was an author community here, and I'd love to get involved if there is one.
    However, I came to the forum and it seems as though most threads were started 2+ years ago, so my little spark of hope is waning.

    So, my question is- is there anybody out there? :)
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  2. Gdwaters1

    Gdwaters1 New commenter

    Are you in the TES author Facebook group?
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  3. Lost_in_Learning

    Lost_in_Learning New commenter

    I’m not, no! I’m not much of a Facebooker but I’ll give it a search. Do people communicate on there/give advice?
  4. FullShelf

    FullShelf New commenter

    Hello and welcome! I'm out here! It used to be a bit more active here but it has been a little quieter for the last year or so. It would be lovely if it became more active again.

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    I don't do much with resources but happy to chat and get stuff running again.
  6. penyrheol1

    penyrheol1 New commenter

    Here also:)
  7. Lost_in_Learning

    Lost_in_Learning New commenter

    Hey all! How long have you guys been on here?
    What did this forums used to be like?
    It seems to be around the time that TES changed their royalties strategy that this website grew quieter...

    I’m Lauren, it’s a pleasure to meet you all :)
  8. LikeAnExpert

    LikeAnExpert New commenter

    I don't have Facebook, so I would love it too if there was more discussion and support in this forum too :)
  9. FullShelf

    FullShelf New commenter

    I have been selling on here for a little over 3 years and the forum was a place to come to if I wanted to check out some common issues involved in running a store. I feel like those discussions have maybe migrated elsewhere but it would be great if some of them came back.
  10. Lost_in_Learning

    Lost_in_Learning New commenter

    I love that we're unearthing authors/members that are as equally up for a community-feel forum too!
    Can you think of some of the main areas of resource making that would be beneficial to discuss on here? I'm happy to set up different threads so this one doesn't get too messy :)

    A few Qs so we can get to know each other!
    - What's been your most popular resource?

    - What is your main subject area?
    (This can help us to point others in your direction if we know people are looking!)

    - What's your upload strategy? (single lessons and then bundles, or bigger, heftier packs?)

    - How long have you been selling on here?

    - In what region are you based/are you currently classroom based?

    - What's your store's URL?

    And my answers to get started :)

    - Recently, my home learning projects have been selling well, but my best-selling resources are a Diary Writing unit and a Measurement Conversion unit! I think people go for things that are too much effort to make themselves! That's my strategy as a buyer...

    - I'm Head of English at a private junior school in the Midlands, so English/grammar/reading is my main niche. After that, it would be long-term home learning/homework projects and lower Key Stage 2 maths!

    - I upload my resources as units rather than single lessons- I think I need to change this up though, as it could lead to more traffic and hopefully sales!

    - I first started on here during my PGCE 4 years ago. I uploaded my most decent resources as I was teaching since then, but have recently been sorting through them and revamping my best selling ones!

    - I'm classroom based in Year 3 at an independent junior school in Wolverhampton!

    - https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/thingskeepchanging
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  11. penyrheol1

    penyrheol1 New commenter

    Hello Lauren and it's a pleasure to meet you too.
    I've been here for coming up for three years and I have never known it so quiet. I think that, over time, a lot of the sellers that were active in this forum when I started selling have migrated to other websites. I recognise the names and and logos on other website I sell from.
  12. Lost_in_Learning

    Lost_in_Learning New commenter

    I've noticed a lot of the same logos over on the 'other' teaching resource website too (are we not allowed to say which site this is? It seems very hush hush...). It's such a shame that this isn't as active. It almost feels like TES gave up the resources push. I even had a direct contact at TES AUTHORS that would give me feedback, tips and advice for a while- that seems to have dried up too :'D
  13. LikeAnExpert

    LikeAnExpert New commenter

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling!

    I'm Rebecca - I've been selling resources on Tes for 2.5 years. I am an English teacher and Literacy Coordinator and teach internationally.

    My bestselling resources tend to be specific lessons on IGCSE English Language questions - I sell these as individual lessons and resource bundles.

    On the whole, I enjoy selling on Tes. I've found that it's also made me a more active buyer of other people's resources. Strangely, I've found that some of what I consider to be my best resources haven't caught on, whereas other more random resources seem to sell quite well. What I've found random is that sometimes I've put a resource out and it hasn't sold for months (or even years) and then suddenly it starts selling quite well. I guess it's to do with algorithm changes.
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  14. EvaTeaches365

    EvaTeaches365 New commenter

    Nice thanks for tip- I just joined!

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