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is there any point?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by drpallad, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. drpallad

    drpallad New commenter

    posted this on another thread originally but would really value your opinions
    hi guys, i'm after some advice on how my murky past affects my future career. here's the short version:
    yrs or so i was convicted of some reasonably serious offences involving
    class a drugs and the supply of. i rehabilitated, re-trained and worked
    as an adult ed tutor for a year or so later progressing to FE and
    completing my cert ed. i worked without problem for six years in a
    college setting teaching key & functional skills with reasonable
    success. family circumstances required me to take a career break but
    now, one year on i'm finding it hard to get back into education..
    the advice i need:
    i prevented from working in compulsory education because of my
    history?[possesion with intent to supply] giving someone their own drugs
    back amounts to this in the eyes of the law.
    i dont have QTS but
    i'm looking at support roles in schools and getting nowhere fast. i'm
    now looking at a data role within a secondary school but the will to
    complete another application is waning.
    would anyone employ a convicted drug dealer in a school in any role?
    circumstances behind my offences are much more complicated than the CRB
    report make it read in black and white, i was guilty by association but
    on paper i am tarnished with a very dirty brush..
    do i continue or do i give up on working in education again?
  2. My advice would be to be really up front about it in the application - putting in a separate letter which explains the circumstances, expresses your regret and shows that you have learnt from the experience and now have a very different attitude to drugs. I wouldn't wait for it to come out in a CRB check as you basically need to demonstrate that you're a different person now (family man etc). We 've all done stupid things when younger and so long as you can reassure the panel that you have grown up - and are therefore unlikely to try and flog hard drugs to sixth formers - it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. drpallad

    drpallad New commenter

    thank you SouthGloshead I will take your advice and send a supporting letter with my next application.
  4. tbh I think you might struggle...you should be shortlisted without referral to any disclosures...but at interview you will be asked.
    In fact many schools don't shortlist if there is mention of disclosure on your application forms, a practice that strictly speaking is illegal but....

    we would consider you, but many wouldn't. Good Luck because I believe we are all entitled to c*ck up when young. Stories of redemption are good for our young people.
  5. Would u b happy to have your child be influenced by a convicted class A drug dealer?
    If u were a HT/Gov would u take the risk of putting other people's children under the ward of a convicted class A drug dealer?
    With so many unemployed graduate teachers out there without a criminal record your competition is stiff. Everybody deserves a chance but maybe the risk is just too high here.
    Stay ambitious and prove people wrong ..... but maybe in another line of work.
  6. drpallad

    drpallad New commenter

    frank is what i needed middlemarch, thank you
  7. I'm afraid I would not consider you for any post in my school. A conviction for posession is one thing, for supply is quite another.
  8. drpallad

    drpallad New commenter

    thanks mickey, it gives me some hope that someone somewhere will offer me a chance too. my offences are based on technical aspects of law rather than me being an out and out drug dealer.
    admittedly i was there and i was holding a small amount of class a drugs, i was honest with police which is what seems to be my problem...they were not my drugs and i was giving them back to the original owner...[possesion with intent]...in the car when a drug deal was made, despite distancing myself as soon as i realised...[concerned with supply]..the other fellas durgs on me...[straight possesion] all in all i was sentenced to nearly ten years, with three to serve!!! the actual dealer received just three and a half years!! i'm well over all that now; time served and durg and crime free since my release in 2002...maybe i'll take myself back into post compulsory ed, appreciate your thoughts on the subject.
  9. Very sorry but I would not consider your application given that the conviction was for supplying.

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