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Is there a year 6 SATS support thread?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NIXIEH, May 3, 2012.

  1. Open it at home, convert it using Zamzar and take it into school on a memory stick!
  2. Wowza . . thanks!
  3. Hi Eddie
    I am currently in my 4th year of teaching year 6 and preparing like mad for SATs (like everyone else. i would be very interested in knowing more about your project for next year.
  4. What is a normal number of Level 6s? Using last year's papers: 29% reading, 4% writing, 32% maths. Is this about average? I think it is very tricky to gain a level 6 on a writing paper. My class are average size and mixed ability.
    Another thing that puzzles me is how you score the children if they have a 5b for reading on a 3-5 SATs paper and a 6c on a Level 6 paper. What would you report for your teacher assessment?
    Personally I think that in some cases it is easier to get a 6c then a 5a because for a 5a, on maths paper for instance, you have to get almost everything correct - but on a L6 paper you can get half of it wrong and still get a 6c. So bright, but careless mathematicians can attain a higher level this way.
    It just makes deciding a teacher assessment level difficult.
  5. I think you should probably use how they perform day to day in your numeracy lessons to award your TA? Some children crumble in tests, but their day to day understanding and ability to use and apply is fabulous. Their TA will always be higher. As for the 5b/ 6c question I'm not sure what the official answer is but I'd always go on the side of caution. The level 6 papers don't test all of the level6 syllabus . . . and if the children are being sloppy, the need to learn to check and learn what is 'reasonable' - a skill far below level6.

    Best fit will also come into it . . . we have to teacher assess children with spikey profiles for writing (better fiction than non for example).

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