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Is teaching some subjects more stressful than others?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by wiemaranerlover, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    Hi All

    Quick poll, are some subjects under more stress and pressure than others at secondary, and if so what are the worst subjects to teach?

    Had a very stressful day; as a dept, we've been told that unless we turn 31 Ds in Cs, "there will be job losses"! Can't believe that we're the only ones under pressure, so I wondered how everyone else is coping?

  2. Oh gosh yes!!!!

    I am at my lowest ebb at the moment trying to prop up a core subject dept as I'm just an acting HOD!!!
    I'm getting constantly fed up looking around and seeing everyone else relaxed and enjoying their job ( although to be fair that's probably just my skewed outlook )

    Ah well a means to the end is my new saying....need a day at the spar!!
  3. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    I call this kind of thing the rumplestiltskin syndrome, ie spin this straw into gold overnight or you'll die.
    I really cannot believe that management can get away with this kind of thing. Unbelievable and outrageous! Would it be worth your while taking union advice?
  4. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    LL, do you mind me asking which subject. You are welcome to message me on here if you'd rather not say publicly. Thanks WL
  5. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    I wouldn't want to be in English or Maths. It's all on them every year, no matter what.
  6. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    "Do all teachers get paid the same?"
    "Really! even subject x and subject y?"
    I've heard this many many times in various forms - can't be seen to support it though as it's divisive if you don't support those who do less.
  7. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Thanks for reminding me!!
    A conversation today about progress to target ended with me being told to "just teach him how to show insight"
    If only it were that easy!
  8. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    Am I correct in thinking that certain subjects pay more for HoD than other subjects?

    Not that it relieves the pressure/stress...
  9. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    When you know the secret, could you pass it on please? [​IMG]
  10. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I don't envy Heads of secondary English and Maths either, although I found the few weeks I spent covering Maths more interesting than I thought it might be - must have been a good department.

    From a Supply viewpoint I find ICT in its current form a bit boring in KS3 and a bit of a slog in KS4, but not more difficult as such, because I'm a subject specialist. PSHE/Citizenship is usually a nightmare and I won't touch Drama with a bargepole any more - it's a total pain in the **** from a cover point of view. I've found kids are generally better disposed towards History and Geography than they are towards RE, making RE a tough job to teach. The design side of D&T seems to appeal to quite a few. Science lessons are generally good to cover but I don't get asked to run practicals so maybe I don't have a balanced view there.

    My timetable from Hell would consist of PSHE, RE, and some Maths with C/D borderline groups. My timetable from Heaven would be ICT with a strong Multimedia slant and maybe a bit of KS3 History and Geography.
  11. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    In my last school the HT knowingly paid the Heads of English and Maths more than the other HoDs.
  12. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    You could adopt my HoD's approach:
    Look at essay. Spot something that you said and they regurgitated inaccurately, Write "INSIGHT" in margin and award top band mark.
    That seems to work... let's see what the moderator makes of that approach! [​IMG]
  13. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Core HoDs get more here too - although HoD Maths gets the most because we're a specialist school. That accounts for their 8 GCSE groups to our 6; their department being entirely staffed by specialists and their bigger capitation too. Oh, and they have the same amount of time, with smaller groups to deliver one GCSE that we have to deliver two.

  14. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Defnitly teaching core is harder. I now teach Yr 6 maths, English and Science and various other non-core subjects (in a middle school). I taught 2 KS3 sceince sets, a Year 6 science class, an English set, a maths set and shared a Year 7 maths set last year. Arrrrrrrrrr was really hard work! I was on my knees! I also lead Drama across the school!
  15. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    I love teaching history because it's fairly easy to find a slant on most topics that will appeal to most of the students at one point or another. The marking is a down-side - especially with massivo GCSE and A-levels classes but having said that, I'm in awe of the marking-load that my English colleagues seem to take home.
    I imagine that I'd find those you-either-get-it-or-you-don't subjects like Maths and Music harder. But my real undream job would be teaching MFL which, no matter how you look at it, involves a lot of hard and repetitive graft to get good at. Not a teenager's forte, ime.

  16. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    Core HoDs at my school get TLR1, I get middle 2 (HoD MFL) which is £6k less.
    My target is 87% French and 86% Spanish, even though we have students who could not string a sentence together in English but are expected to do so in another language.
    But therein lies the "beauty" (poisoned chalice) of Optional subjects!
    Mind you ... I would not want to be the one on whose head the "success"/"failure" of the school stands and I reckon the £6k differential is not worth the extra hassle/responsibility/culpability of things go wrong.
  17. I think all subjects have their difficult points. A lot of people would probably say that Design and Technology is easy to teach - just 'bashing two bits of wood together' and playing with paint.

    It's actually bloody difficult. Yesterday, for example, I spent five hours preparing for one lesson. First I had to cut and prepare the materials, then I had to check which equipment they need, then I had to lay out the question with resources moved between rooms, then, because they're all doing different practical techniques, I had to do a two page plan and a detailed ppt on how I'm going to organise the lesson so I don't leave anyone waiting while I'm trying to get them organised. And I'm still sitting here bricking it! Maths has the stress of having so much responsibility, but the content of the lessons is much simpler. In maths the kids can all sit down and do box and whisker diagrams. In Technology, for example, I have students making different products out of different materials using different techniques spread out over three different rooms. Challenging in a different way.
  18. Must be PE surely?? Minimal marking, setting up is part of the students' work, most students enjoy it (esp. the 'hard to reach' ones?),minimal prep the night before.
    MFL very hard as it is an 'academic/hard' subject that most English students see no relevance in (esp, when most of your student population have never set foot out of the city, never mind been abroad!)

    Just a thought!

  19. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    you must work in my school, in my MFL department even!
  20. It's me as well!

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