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Is spotlight science fit for purpose in 2015?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Ashleyc17, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Ashleyc17

    Ashleyc17 New commenter

    Hi all,

    i'm after a wide range of opinions on the above question. After spending 2 years as head of key stage 3 implementing the wikid scheme of work, adapted of course, a new HOD arrived on Wednesday, scrapped it entirely and has reverted us to spotlight science without any schemes of work or teaching resources other than text books from 2003. It is my opinion that whilst wikid is not perfect, at least it is up to date in terms of curriculum and allows continuity within department, accurate levelling opportunities and resources for new/supply teachers, thoughts please!
  2. Hello,

    That's an interesting point as I've just dusted off some old Spotlight Textbooks last week. Spotlight were quite useful in terms of practical activities, SEN and extension materials so that is a plus.

    The downside with Spotlight now is that it doesn't seem to fit the AF1-AF5 model e.g. Communicating Scientifically so additional resourcing would have to be developed at the very least.

    Spotlight didn't also show levelled material in the textbooks as say 'Go Science' did.

    It sounds like your HOD should have opened the discussion first with staff to hear their viewpoints then moved the team forward. It sounds like they're old-school and don't want to read up or move with the times.

    Let me know how things progress...

  3. Ashleyc17

    Ashleyc17 New commenter

    Hi E,

    Things are terrible at the moment, as a department we are totally at sea and are having to make do day by day. Unions have been involved and the HOD has now agreed to re-evaluate the situation, look at all options and make a decision from there. He hasn't taught for the last 6 years and prior to that only taught in an 14-18 school so I am struggling to acknowledge his viewpoints as many of them are very detached. Time will tell whether this nightmare start to a year has any long term impacts.

    Thanks for your thoughts


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