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Is Roald Dahl suitable for Year 2?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by HappyPixie, May 18, 2011.

  1. Just check with the KS2 classes what texts they cover though- just had our knuckles rapped for using the same texts throughout the school as we didn't know each other were using them (I did try and point out we were using them in a different way, but doesn't matter apparently.)
  2. We do Roald Dahl in Y3 and Dick King Smith in Summer Y2
  3. Sounds like a fabulous topic, especially if you can visit the museum too.
    You could find out about Norway in geography...
    Some of the anecdotes from Boy (about his childhood) are brilliant! He had such an interesting life...
    His marital issues are probably best glossed over at Year 2 though!!!
    I think a lot of people underestimate what younger children are capable of, but I would agree that it is sensible to check out what books other year groups are already using...
    C x
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Sometimes I have to admit I'm a little unsure about his books.
    George's Marvellous Medicine - a boy goes through the cupboards, garage, kitchen cupboard and pet's medicine cupboard to create a potion that kills Grandma. No one gets upset at the end.
    Yes - I know you would tell the children not to do this (I read this to my 5 year old boy with strict warnings) but an "interesting " message.
    Matilda - a young child is ignored by her parents, the head bullies children viciously, the teacher is abused by the head (who is actually her Aunt) and then Matilda's criminal parents leave the country leaving their child behind.
    Again - some "interesting" messages.
    Don't get me wrong - his books certainly engage children and we all know children do respond to certain types of stories. I'm just not sure all his stories are appropriate for Y2.
  5. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    And why the change of heart then? Were the fairy stories considered more suitable for children than the Canterbury Tales?
  6. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    There have always been stories to terrify children by stating what will happen to them if they stray off the path, for instance. I think fairy tales/ folk tales tap into deep seated fears etc - and Roald Dahl does the same with his horrid aunts etc who are horrid to children - who then overcome the obstacles.
    I would echo the people who have advised you to check what the rest of the school is reading, OP - I LOVE James and the Giant Peach - and would be ticked off if someone stole my chance to do my camp earthworm from Leeds impression!![​IMG]
  7. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Other authors are available.
  8. sophjtho

    sophjtho New commenter

    Wow, just come back to look at my orginal post. Thank you for all your suggestions! They are fantastic!!

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