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Is private tuition a feasible alternative income to teaching? Survey and discussion

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by TheTutorWebsite, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Thanks again to everyone who has completed our questionnaire - your feedback is much appreciated.
    Please keep your responses coming in....


  2. Hi Jamie,
    I am a German specialist/ teacher in teh West Mids area.
    I am looking to do some personal tutoring.
    Can you send me a PM about your co. or else post a link on TES and I might well sign up!

  3. Hi Ostpreussen,
    Thanks for your interest. Here's the link to the site:
    Tutors can add an advert for free from the homepage.
    All the best,
  4. The responses are coming in thick and fast!
    Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey so far.
    30 seconds is all it takes to submit your responses.
    Let's keep them coming....
  5. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    Care to make the results of this survey known?

  6. Hi Basso_Profundo,
    Here are the survey results so far from the Teacher survey. Please note, there are two surveys, one posted in the private tutor forum and the other one, here. It's interesting to note the differences in responses. I've also replied to your post on the Private Tutor forum with the results of the Tutor survey.:
    There have been 20 responses to the teacher survey so far:
    1. In which part of the UK do you tutor? e.g. Central London, England
    Various responses
    2. Do you hold a recognised teaching qualification?
    Yes - 100%
    No - 0%
    3. Have you ever worked as a private tutor?
    Yes - 78.9%
    No - 21.1%
    4. Do you consider private tuition a feasible alternative income to teaching?
    Yes - 42.1%
    No - 57.9%
    5. Do you consider private tuition a feasible full-time career?
    Yes - 10.5%
    No - 89.5%

  7. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    Just expressed thanks on the other thread.
    What a difference!
    Basso [​IMG]


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