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Is private tuition a feasible alternative income to teaching? Survey and discussion.

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by emmathe37th, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. emmathe37th

    emmathe37th New commenter

    I have been a tutor for the past 2 years after I quit my NQT post and I love it.
    I'm lucky to also do intervention at a school, plus I'm allowed to tutor in the library straight after school. That means I can see 15 pupils a week, plus a bit of group intervention during the day. Add it all up and account for a drop in income over the holidays and I earn just a couple of grand less than an NQT salary.
    Obviously with teaching the salary increases up the payscale and a tutor's salary has a ceiling with there being a limited number of hours available in the day to work, but the flexibility and reduced stress/hours make it a definite alternative in my opinion.
  2. Thanks again to everyone who has completed our questionnaire - your feedback is much appreciated.
    Please keep your responses coming in....

  3. The responses are coming in thick and fast!
    Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey so far.
    30 seconds is all it takes to submit your responses.
    Let's keep them coming....
  4. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    As well as sending the thanksmessages [presumably to bounce the topic back to the top of the list], how's about sharing the results of this survey?
    Pretty please?
    Many thanks

  5. Hi Basso_Profundo,
    Here are the survey results so far from a total of 15 responses.
    1. In which part of the UK do you tutor? e.g. Central London, England
    Various responses
    2. Do you hold a recognised teaching qualification?
    Yes - 85.7%
    No - 14.3%
    3. Is private tuition your full-time occupation?
    Yes - 40%
    No - 60%
    4. Do you consider private tuition a feasible alternative income to teaching?
    Yes - 50%
    No - 50%
    5. Do you consider private tuition a feasible full-time career?
    Yes - 53.3%
    No - 46.7%


  6. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    Mainy thanks!
    PS - Looks like some questions were not answered by every respondent! [​IMG]
  7. Hi Basso,
    You're welcome.
    Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the survey.
    Would be great if we could get some more responses and I'll post an update of the results.
    Please keep them coming...

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