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Is Polish taught as a foreign language in the UK?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by frackiewicz123, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. frackiewicz123

    frackiewicz123 New commenter

    Just curious...I have a BA in Russian and my husband is from Poland. I've seen the number of Russian programs here in the US drop quite a bit since I first got my degree. But with Polish now being the 2nd most common language in the UK, I'm curious about whether or not it is being taught in schools over there.

    I live in the southwestern US, and we have so many Spanish speakers here - every school offers Spanish and most students choose that as their foreign language class because they either already know it and think it will be an easy grade for them, or they see it as useful in an area with a large Hispanic population.
  2. Vladimir

    Vladimir Senior commenter

    I think Russian was supposed to be the 'next big thing' after the Wall came down and everyone was expecting a huge marketing base in the East. Didn't happen. Russian was a 'blip', I believe the trendy word is.

    Polish is not being taught in the UK in any mainstream school I know of. The Poles who come here speak excellent English. It's heavily accented in most cases, but very idiomatic. They know on which side the bread is buttered!

    It's great that you're teaching Spanish, even though you may not think that. In the UK it's French all the way. Big mistake, if you ask me. And if you don't ask me, I'll tell you anyway.

    I'm glad to see Americans are now starting to learn English. I can understand almost every word of your post, so yee ha! Saddle up Joe! And let's go ahead and done kill them darn'jar Injuns.

    (What does the 'jar' bit mean? Isnt it a receptacle of some kind?)

    Oh, don't ya'darn pay me no mind, I'm a just a darn goin' aheed an' messin' wid ya.
  3. Geoff Thomas

    Geoff Thomas Star commenter

    My wife marks GCSE Polish exams. Other than one or two British adults each year, the entry is almost entirely Polish nationals.

    In years gone by, it was second and third generation Poles descended from those who remained here after WW2 and who attended Saturday school for Polish language and culture.
  4. frackiewicz123

    frackiewicz123 New commenter

    Thanks for the input. I know we used to have some high schools offering Polish, but only in areas where it was a heritage language. Now, I don't know if that's even offered.

    I think French isn't so bad in the UK, it is a close neighbor. So many people here think Spanish is the only language worth learning because of Mexico being next door. We do more business with Canada, but I guess they don't count? I teach French and my classes are packed each year. We went from me teaching a full time schedule PLUS an extra class to two full time teachers this year with overloaded classes all day long (I have 37 or so in each class). The kids are always surprised to find out just how widespread French is in the world, they think it's just France and nowhere else that uses the language.

    Mandarin is also kind of a thing here, but the trick is finding teachers. Those who speak it aren't necessarily trained to teach it.

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