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Is PGCE recognised in Canada?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by vicj1_17, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    My advice is to search this forum. This topic comes up about once a year. Your chances of finding a job for a year or two as an NQT are negligible. I speak as someone who once worked for the Vancouver School Board.
  2. TeacherMan2019

    TeacherMan2019 New commenter

    I like to indulge in banter! To answer the poster's initial question, I have worked with two Brits here in Manitoba. In order to get a teacher's license they were forced to take an M. Ed. They could teach as long as they were registered and taking courses toward that degree. With each province having different rules (as our certification is handled by provincial authority) the answers are likely to vary substantially. The good news is that M.Ed courses here are incredibly easy. The bad news is that they are time consuming and not cheap. Bit of a pain to do as you're teaching, but if you're willing to teach a bit out of the one major city in my home province, there are decent job prospects. It's a nice province if you can get used to the cold!
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  3. Appears

    Appears New commenter

    Hi @TeacherMan2019 - I'm a teaching Brit who arrived in the one major city in your home province late last year. Decade and a half of experience teaching in four countries - IB, etc. I just heard from WES (World Education Services) today that they won't convert my QTS. Tomorrow I'll try to find out why. I had heard before that if WES said 'no' that to teach here I would have to get a B Ed (no chance), but what you mentioned above sounds encouraging. Any idea who I might contact in the city about getting more info?

    The banter here is much better here than in Vancouver, it must be said, though I haven't spent that much time there. Folks here are different. In a good way.
  4. TeacherMan2019

    TeacherMan2019 New commenter

    Hey @Appears - sent a private message your way.

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