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is my agency ripping me off?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by bluechair84, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Here's the deal; I think my agency is trying to charge a school my full value and pay me a point below where I should be. My history is: NQT = M1, then started supply forst term to be taken up full time until end of academic year on M2, now looking to start my third year on M3. However, I'm in the same situation next year as how I started this; supply at a school in the first term looking to go full time as of January. The agency initially though I should be on M2 starting this September as 'NQTs aren't on the main pay scale'. I argued that they were underpaying me and they will now put me on M3. But I'm still suspicious of them. Their M3 is £120 before deductions and having called payrole, I cannot confirm that this is correct as new rates come into effect as of September of whicht hey have not been informed. I should be being paid the same daily rate as if I was in F/T.
    So can anyone tell me if £120 is pretty acurate as a daily rate for M3 at the moment (before deductions)? I assume the agency calculated this on todays rates.
  2. If you are on supply and getting £120 I'd take it and shut up if I were you. Most supply teachers being paid through an agency aren't getting that , some are getting nothing close to that even though they may have 30 + years experience. The days of being paid to scale are largely gone.
  3. Easy tiger. What's your beef?
    Other than that, thanks for the info. It's interesting that you think this is better than most are getting. If they aren't being paid to scale I can't imagine why, I've been signed up to several agencies and all have offered to pay me my F/T daily equivilent without my asking. It has transpired that this particular agency has tried to pay me less whilst in all likelyhood charging the school the higher rate.
  4. I was being paid £125 a day on supply through an agency and I was a NQT ...
  5. Well thanks for not taking the above advice!
    I was paid £100 a day as NQT. Were you in/around London by any chance?

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