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Is moving from England to Wales viable job wise?

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by cirodin1, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. cirodin1

    cirodin1 New commenter

    1. [​IMG]
      cirodin1New commenter

      I've taught in London schools for the last 8 years and am considering the move to Cardiff at some point in the next 3 years. My boyfriend is Welsh; I am English and so I don't have any real idea about how viable a move this is.

      I'm curious about my employability. I am an English teacher and have been a pastoral leader in all three secondary key stages.

      I'm aware that there are less jobs available in Wales and so I was wondering if this move is viable?

      In short, does this sound like a good idea?


      Today at 11:18 AM
  2. phoenix101

    phoenix101 New commenter

    Hi cirodin1. I hope this reply doesn't come too late to be of use. There is always a need for good English teachers and I'm sure Cardiff would welcome you with open arms. Experience of other exam boards and approaches in England could be seen as a plus. You would definitely need to familiarise yourself with the difference between the English subject curriculum taught in England and the one taught under the WJEC (e.g. the new GCSE English Language syllabus) as well as the big upcoming changes in Welsh education generally (Donaldson etc). Another option would be to apply to an independent school - there are quite a few in Cardiff. Some of these stick with English exam boards and approaches. With your pastoral experience on top, you sound very employable! Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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