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Is Kate a good female role model?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by clatkiu1, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Agreed

    ROSIEGIRL Senior commenter

    I've talked to my daughters recently about role models - they'rs (fairly) grown up now but between us we couldn't really think of any good female role models for young girls.
    Kate at least has a good education behind her, though I guess that is now not as significant as her new role.
    Can anyone come up with any good female role models?
  3. What characteristics would you want a 'good female role model' to have? I think you need to decide that before you can identify someone who fulfils the position - Kate is a good role model for one type of woman (clearly identified by previous posters). If you want someone to be a role model to inspire girls to become successful career-minded professionals, then you need someone different.
  4. What did Diana do 'before' she was married? No qualifications to speak of and worked as a Nursery nurse. It was after her marraige that she did the
  5. och, FGS.
    Do we woman really need to fret about other women?
    Isn't it enough to be ourselves?
    Do we really need to dissect the lives of other women to make ourselves feel better?
    Is that not a bit crappy and weak?
    Is it so important to be popular?
    Is being successful a must?
    What is successful anyway?
    Is not being just you, me, whoever you are, enough?
  6. dumpty

    dumpty Lead commenter

    I think the OP is trying to say women should be above this, and that it is still a man's world as the whole media sell of the wedding was look at Kate....listen to Will. Generally what annoys feminists more than anything - no-one listens or takes them seriously.
    But there is another issue, here always and without fail avoided by such debators.
    As teachers we still see how the early years girls dream of being a princess, how the pre-teens focus on their own looks and weight. Is this really a male propaganda move? Last I noticed, I was the only male teacher in my infants school, and there have often been none at all throughout the entire school.
    You only have to watch the heavily female dominated and anti-male BBC's coverage to notice how the fully grown female presenters were giggling and acting like little reception kids themselves about the whole thing - one silly presenter going on and on about how she felt so underdressed. I mean, do we really tune in to see her or her dress? Obviously it really mattered to her - why?
    Point being perhaps all the attention on Kate is because a huge majority of women want it that way - and that rather than patronise them about it, maybe we should just accept and celebrate it?

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    That's what I'm trying to say. Many of my friends tuned in "just to look at the dress". The media were obsessed with female appearance. There were even comments on what the presenters were wearing. It's just been a constant barrage of her appearance, hair, clothes, body shape - meanwhile look at William with his great job working hard.
    Don't get me wrong - I think they seem a nice couple and many people do meet at uni, live together and get married. Then the wife stays at home and looks after the children. All very traditional. Some people both work in good jobs, get married, have children and share the childcare.
    It's just the man's world aspect of all this that bugs me - Kate's just being judged on her appearance. Well actually so are all the females. Look at these Daily Mail headlines (Yes - I know)
    Her Royal Hotness: How Kate's foxy sister Pippa stole the show
    Sure those hats were wise, ladies? Princesses Bea and Eugenie top the fashion flops yet again in outlandish outfits
    The style queens (and a few too many court jesters): How the wedding guests fared
    Elsa McAlonan on Kate's make-up: Just a tad too much mascara
    SamCam's fashion faux pas: PM's wife is only VIP not to wear a hat for the wedding
    It's all about appearance - females need some good role models in life - in all fields of life and not just entertainment or royalty. Yet it's a constant media barrage of what you look like and what you wear rather than who you are and what you do. And too many females believe it.

  8. But who is going to rush out and buy the miriad of "Fashion/Lifestyle/celebrity" magazines and digest every bit of minutae as if their very being depended on it?
    I wager not many men.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I know. And I despair.
  10. I liked both dresses - stylish, individual and without baring loads of flesh.
    But I especially liked Pippa's. That's how to do sexy. Elegant, simple, gorgeous.
    I wouldn't have used the word foxy, foxy to me conjures up images of cleavages and legs on show - tarty and cheap. I thought she looked classy.
  11. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    An excuse to see the wedding, but the dress was important as it was designed and made by a British Designer. The Duchess is being compared to Diana here, justifiably, as Diana was a good showcase for British Fashion design. Before any comments come on the shallowness of Fashion, it does employ many thousands of people from people in factories, fabric makers, people who put the garment together etc. A designer has claimed to be able to put a copu of the dress in high street shops by Tuesday.

    It is a job she has taken on, not just as a wife to a serving officer but as a wife to a SAR pilot, also in her new role she will be doing PR for Britain. Opening things, making speeches, promoting charites, as well as, hopefully, producing an heir and spare.
  12. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    On a totally frivolous note, I'm glad to see a return to wedding dresses with covered arms.
    Robyn, these two people fell in love and got married. I was glad that the rather boring sermon didn't make any mention of their place in society. I wish them well and am confident that the bride doesn't see hersef as a brood mare for the Establisment.
  13. Oh my word! Did you see the state of Tara Palmer Tomkinson's nose, topped of with a canoe hat.
  14. I completely agree - BUT - let's not pretend that marrying into royalty is the norm for women. Of course it isn't.
    Kate is privileged middle class girl who bagged a prince. Fairy tale stuff....she'll open things, look pretty, wear clothes which are 'news'..and then produce a baby.
    What do you really expect her to do now - go and work at M&S and save up to take holidays on the Costa Del Sol?
    Comparing Kate to womenkind in general is a complete non-starter....and she can never be a role model for anyone, other than the woman who marries Harry.
  15. She will be a role model for millions of women. If she decides to wear a tea pot on her head during an Hello photoshoot, then, come the following Wednesday millions of women will be wearing tea pots on their heads.
  16. That'd make her a clothes horse, not a role model Baubs.
    She'll definitely be one of those...and perhaps it will take the focus off that odious Beckham woman...another (totally inappropriate) clothes horse imo. Did you see her pushing her own brand clutch bag (price &pound;2000+) to the fore as she posed yesterday?
  17. Agreed it would make her a trend setter rather than a roll model....but what possible roll could a future Queen of England create that would be followed by all and sundry?
  18. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    A bridge roll maybe? Or how about a crusty roll. a bap, wholemeal roll, the list is endless.
  19. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Proportionately I suggest a half baguette.
  20. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Does she need to be a role model?
    I don't think so. A role model for girls who want to marry a Prince......like there's only one vacancy to be filled so it hardly needs a role model.
    No. She is a beautiful, intelligent young woman who fell in love with a man who happens to be a prince. She has been discrete and behaved impeccably througout 8 long years and finally married the man she loves. That makes a Windsor marriage somewhat unusual and I don't think anyone would deny they married for love. Yes, she will have a life of immense privilege but also of enormous constraint. I think she will blossom and carry the burden of her duties well, like a modern day Queen Mum.
    I wish them both all the luck in the world. These two, not Charles and Camilla, are the future of the monarchy. If the monarchy once again become the role models they once were in the war time years, then and only then, may she become a role model. But not now.

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