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*** - is it worth doing?

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by EC_Resources, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. EC_Resources

    EC_Resources Occasional commenter

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quickie if anyone can give advice. I've been looking into uploading some resources onto *** after happily selling a few on here - it seems like a very American site though, and a lot of the things I upload are Citizenship/PSHE - rather british style things. Is it worth me bothering? The process seems like a lot of effort but it would be great to hear from some Brits who have been successful on there...?

  2. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    There are quite a few differences between the sites. I'm fairly new to both so maybe others will have different thoughts but from what I've seen *** is very much a US audience and TES a UK one.

    Also on TES secondary resources seem to do better (I may be wrong on this, just an observation) and on *** it's more primary.

    The resources on *** are more handmade and more original whereas on TES there's more old school copied clip art and the resources are a bit less polished.

    I think people go to *** intending to purchase resources and that's not so much the case on TES which has a huge catalogue of free resources in addition to its own range of products. So the 'market' is clearer on *** but the sellers are also more established and there are a lot of them.

    As for whether it's worthwhile, there's only one way to really find out...

    Good luck :)
  3. TheGingerTeacher

    TheGingerTeacher Established commenter Forum guide and community helper

    I earn a lot more on ***. But as said above, they are US resources i sell US resources on there and UK on here.

    The competition is high on *** but then so is the customer bank.
  4. EC_Resources

    EC_Resources Occasional commenter

    Thanks for replying Charleei. I'm going to research it a bit more :)
  5. LanguageArtsLab

    LanguageArtsLab New commenter

    It has been worth it for me. Most of my resources are for grade 6 (year 6) and above and are based on famous literature. I design purely for the American market (spelling, terminology, curriculum references) because it's bigger, and there is more competition, and don't customise when I repost things on here. I assume (rightly or wrongly) that teachers and students of grade 6 and above will have knowledge of regional Englishes and that, due to the pervasiveness of American culture, it's easier for British people to understand American English than the other way around. This probably wouldn't be the case if I were selling early years' materials. Interestingly, I tend to sell different things on the different sites, which is a boon! It has led me to pursue projects *I* find interesting and create the products I want to create. It is also worth noting that certain copyrights that apply in the UK don't apply in the US, giving you a some more creative leeway and a bigger different market. The only thing I need to think more about is how to line up my pricing so that the products are worth the same.
    emjcot likes this.
  6. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    Can you say more about the copyright please?
  7. Robert_Frost

    Robert_Frost New commenter

    I've launched my shop on TES and *** at the same time - the TES one is going okay, the *** one very slow. For me, as a Secondary English teacher, I think it's a relevance issue. My resources are very much for IGCSE, A Level and Pre-U English. Not sure how much the US audience is interested in those texts. Obviously, I need to get more general!
  8. LanguageArtsLab

    LanguageArtsLab New commenter

    AFAIK, the literature available on [the gutenburg site] is in the public domain in the US, but I don't think it is in the UK. One of my products uses said literature, hence, I don't make it available in my UK store, only the US one.
  9. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    That's interesting because I thought UK copyright expired earlier than US...
    Live and learn, I guess!

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