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Is it worth being ready for work?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by laurajoanne, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I have got one day booked for Wednesday then I am not expecting anymore work. Normally when I get up ready (just in case) then I don't get work!!!
    Last week I decided (after a few glasses of wine on Wednesday evening) that I was going to have a lie in on Thursday- at 8.35 I had a phone call for school TYPICAL!!
    This time last year I had a temporary position so I was working up to Christmas but from previous experience there is very little supply at this time of year.
  2. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    No work today for me, but I am definately expecting some more before Christmas. The colds and coughs season is now here and some snowy weather might also prevent some teachers from getting in. Some schools also arrange trips out as Christmas treats leaving gaps in the school timetable whilst others will be interviewing candidates for a January start. Potential for work in every case.
    Will also expect something at the start of next week but unlikely on Thursday and I won't bother getting up early on Friday. Probably have a few Christmas drinks Thursday night.

  3. I am not expecting anything before Christmas thren if I get anything it will be a nice surprise!!
  4. One year I got a morning call this point in the year for a school 2 minutes from my house.... ended up doing the full December there in various classes as the bug going around school felled successive teachers. Nice local school (so straight out of bed and at work almost), decent kids (especially considering the deprivation of the area they were in), nice staff and I got to join in with all their Christmas stuff... oh how lucky I was that year!
    These days - I ain't that lucky.
  5. tavypilgrim

    tavypilgrim New commenter

    I am averaging about 3 days a week(not through an agency), but it is almost all prebooked. I still get up just in case I get a get a call, but the simple fact is that in my area a lot of schools use TA's to cover the first day of a teacher's unexpected absence. Thus meaning I tend to only get a call later in the day if they think the teacher will be off again the next day.
  6. It depends. It had been extremely quiet for me until November - past two weeks I've been getting a call every morning, pretty much bang on 07:30. People are clearly getting the lurgy, including myself! [​IMG] Typical.
  7. aka Christmas shopping sickies. Cut the romance please!
  8. Ha ha, you know, my head is so stuffed full of cold I didn't even think of that...
  9. Same here! I had to cancel a day's supply today that was pre-booked from last week. I feel awful and have nearly lost my voice. I really wouldn't have done it if I didn't feel so poorly. Still got a day booked for tomorrow and worked yesterday (when I probably shouldn't have) so all is not lost.

    However, I still feel guilty for not working & am now worried that I won't get any work for next week or the 3 days left of term! To top it off, I did get a call this morning, from another agency, despite them being aware that I was already unavailable...I bet I don't get that on Friday when I have no work booked!
  10. I am also booked for next Monday now as well.
  11. It's the days that I decide to ignore the alarm clock and stay in my pjs that I get a call. So no, getting ready is a bad omen!
    I would have thought that now is a busy period with winter sickness etc.?
  12. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    That is so true!
    The days you don't really want to work because you are feeling a little bit under the weather or its a lovely day and you would rather go fishing are the days the phone always rings with work offers.
    On the other hand; the days its pouring with rain, you are feeling ready to take on the world and after that a stroppy year 9 class are the days you get no phone call.
    I think its all part of that joke called Life.[​IMG]


  13. I'm so confident that there will be no early morning calls I work in Asda starting at 06.00.
  14. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    Well yesterday I decided I probably wouldn't get any work so no point in getting up early and washing my hair, 8.50 I get a call for work......
    Today I washed my hair as it was really needed and had planned on putting the decorations up, 10.45 I get a call for this afternoon.
    Not that I'm complaining... :)
  15. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    At least there are some early calls!
    All my four days this term have been prebooked, but I've been making a half-aresd effort to get up and be vaguely ready recently, should I get a call.
    It will be nice to switch off the alarm during the holidays.
  16. I was the same, infact I am getting over a chest infection and laryngitis and have missed out on work, am gutted.I was the same as you, I worked when really I shouldn't have and I think my body has been saying enough is really enough already[​IMG].
  17. Well not a whisper of any work so far this week. Think I might just turn off the alarm now for the rest of the year, will probably mean I get a last minute morning call...(Well i live in hope :))
  18. Slept in every day and never missed a call!! I say this, having never been called for supply work. Only time the supply agency call me is at the end of the week to ask what days I'm available the following week....
  19. Have been only getting half day to 2 days a week max all term, before and after half term, but Monday morning got a call at 8.20 and thought good then got booked in at a different school for tuesday. The teacher for that school has called sick for the following day each day so I have got myself my first full week in yonks! Bank account needed this!
  20. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    At least that's consistent...all I've had was a 2 and a half week block booking (jury service cover) before H/T and now I'm just finishing another 2 and a half week block (sickness cover) that'll take me to the end of term. Bloody pathetic!

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