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is it true that all OTT teachers can no longer teach after AUGUST??

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by chandrevan, May 12, 2007.

  1. A teaching agency in Oz/England have told me that I am still able to gain a work permit to teach in Sept 07 and can be registered to undertake the QTS process from then on, and still be able to teach. This contradicts what is being discussed here. Should I believe them? Or is it actually impossible to gain a work permit and consequently QTS after August? I think its the latter but they (agency) are positive I can still gain employment as long as I am enrolled to gain my QTS.It's all very confusing as there are soooooo many interpretations of the rule. What do you think?
  2. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    I think the new rules apply to those who are already in the UK and have been teaching for the four years without QTS. You should be ok.
  3. I think the problem is I have previously worked in UK in 1998 doing supply teaching. The agency still seems to think that even though I worked over 4 years ago on a WHV (despite it only being for 6 weeks!), I still have the opportunity to gain QTS.
    Who knows!
  4. saoghalbeag

    saoghalbeag New commenter

    Hey Allisonk, you sound like you're in the same desperate situation I am in. I taught for about 20 days altogether over a period of 2 months in 2002. Even though I was not there long enough to hear about QTS (it wasn't such an issue at the time, was never in a school twice to hear chat in the staffroom, agency didn't mention it as my plans were always to go to scotland and then I left England and never returned)

    I have seen the official responses on a situation very similar to mine (and yours by the sound of it) that were sent to another Aussie teacher via teaching agency in Oz (think it was Select?). The response came from Work Permits UK and basically said that the 4 years (for QTS) started ticking from the very first teaching day in England, regardless of any further teaching undertaken and regardless of immigration status (ie: you were outside the country).

    I have spoken to at least a dozen teaching agencies in Australia, explaining my situation (Select, Protocol, Timeplan, Smart Teachers, Teach London, ITN, Bluewave, Hays, Capita and others I've forgotten) and at first contact each and every one have been positive and sworn that they can get me over there.

    However, once they look into it, every single agency has discovered the QTS issue is an insurmountable obstacle. They are now also tying it up with work permits UK so that teachers who have previously taught in England (ie: 4 years ago) and do not have QTS cannot get work permits, or have them renewed.

    I'm sorry to be so negative, but I have exhausted myself in trying to find a way around this (my daughter's father lives in the UK and it is imperative that we get over there so I have pretty extreme reasons!!).

    The only 3 options I have heard that may work are the Scotland one (but hey, once you're registered there, why wouldn't you just stay there, IMHO!!) which I don't qualify for as to get full rego you need teaching experience specific to your degree and due to the wonder that is SOSE in Oz, I don't have that yet. The other option was presented to me by Smart Teachers, who told me that as my teaching in England was so brief I should just scrap all references to it and pretend I'd never taught there. The other one is to do further study (probably in the UK) and gain QTS via study. I think that idea is ludicrous and insulting.

    Which agency are you with? If they think they've found a solution for teachers who don't have QTS due to misinformation, rather than sitting in England teaching for 4 years and just not bothering to get it, then I'd love to hear it.

    Why don't TES have frikken Private Messaging on here so I don't have to write such a long message to the world???? Let us know if you've found a pot of gold, but I'm not getting my hopes up!
  5. I taught in England for 10 years (doing something else now)without ever getting QTS. I was able to do this because, although my teacher training is from outside the UK, I am UK national and hold a British passport.

    I don't know if this is still possible or is helpful to anyone.
  6. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    Were you paid on the qualified teacher scale?
  7. No.

    That's why I quit doing it!

    I can work anywhere in the Uk if I can find a job. Presumably they are still accepting people who are not qualified to teach in English schools? It was great for the school. The contract could only be for a year and they paid me about 7,000 quid less than I would have had if I had QTS. I didn't intend to stay as long as I did. You really need to get the QTS if you are staying.

    I only offer this as a possible solution for UK nationals.
  8. Isn't it the case that another route is to get yourself registered with the General Teaching Council (Scotland)---the GTCS?

    It's on the Home Office website that "Full" registration with the GTCS is equivalent to QTS for England and Wales.
  9. So Canuckgrrl, so as a registered Scottish teacher via the GTCS Scotland, we are foreigners can then be given an immediate from QTS because we are so called `qualified and trained EU' teachers?

    Has anyone who has exceeeded the 4 year time limit gone this way?

  10. Excuse my typing errors in my last post guys, I accidently sent it before proof reading. This is how my post should read:

    So Canuckgrrl, so as a registered Scottish teacher via the GTC Scotland, we as foreigners can then be given the QTS standard because we are so called `qualified and trained EU' teachers?

    Has anyone who has exceeded the 4 year time limit gone this way?

    any other ideas people?, its seems like the independent system is the only way to go.

    This is really sad considering most of us have only taught briefly in the uk whilst trying to save some extra dollars to travel and had not even been told of the QTS back in 2003 or before. I only worked for 2 months doing supply and has now destroyed me.

  11. Was the 4 year rule there all along? Or did they just not bother telling people and expect them to think that maybe there was a 4 year rule they should look up?
  12. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    The four year rule came in in 2001.
  13. Hi cab_4
    I wanted to know if you ended up going through with the registration with the GTC scotland, i'm in the same situation and wanted to know what my options were.

    please let me know

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