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Is it too late to hand in my notice now and begin a new job in September???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by laurawake, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    Just hoping someone out there can help me.

    I'm currently applying for jobs after a reduction in hours for September, but, assuming I get a full time job else where would I be able to begin in September? I've heard somewhere that I would have to write to the Govorners and request it, but am not sure. On my application form I have to state- period of notice required, but am not sure what to put!!

    Many thanks in advance, Laura xx
  2. lilykitty

    lilykitty New commenter

    The official date has gone (end of May), so by the terms of your contract the earliest you can leave is the end of December.
    However, if the head teacher / governors agree, they can still accept your notice, but it is entirely at their discretion.
    You need to broach this with them asap as the sooner they know, the more likely they are to let you go. Every day that goes by makes it harder for them to get a replacement for you for September.
  3. But if it's a reduction in hours, does the original contract apply?
  4. Thanks for your replies, I rang the union to check and Teacher 1974 is right, because they're changing my contract it's not as straight forward as I'm officially working my period of notice now. I haven't got a job yet, but am still looking, but I would be sure to speak to my Head teacher as soon I was offered a new position.

    Many thanks, Laura x

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