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Is it still worth being an author?

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by SEBREGIS, Feb 21, 2020.


    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    In the past, I've posted up resources mostly because I've had some good ones I've created and thought: why not? But I'm not sure if it's worth putting more effort in and writing things specifically for TES. Do you think it's still possible to get any worthwhile return on your efforts, given the amount of resources on line?
  2. a51_ufo

    a51_ufo New commenter

    I've had 190 purchases since I started selling resources on here end of January last year. Just had a quick count and I have 40 resources for sale. Most have them have been the £2 worksheets which earn me 80p a time. I made some Christmas themed resources which did boost sales over Christmas but not a great deal. monthly sales are 15-20 usually (December was 31). I do feel the time and effort put into the Christmas resources was not worth the return. On the other hand, they are made and up for sale now and will hopefully sell each Christmas .

    I have started selling on another well know site and the earnings per sale are much better (I get over double the commission). For the past few months I have been tailoring my resources to that site and if it would be suitable for TES, putting it for sale here also.

    A worthwhile return on investments? Depends what people consider worthwhile. As I'm making things anyway for my pupils I spend a little more time on presentation (particularly in providing answers which I would just hand write on a worksheet usually). The colouring pages I have made took a lot of time and effort and perhaps a bit early to comment on the return on these. I have noticed some topics sell a lot more than others (even in a saturated market) and thought I could make more resources on those topics. I may spend some time in the summer holidays doing this.

    I'm sure people who've been selling a lot longer than me and had much more success will be along to comment shortly.
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  3. vcurrie19

    vcurrie19 New commenter

    It's a nice contributor to my passive income streams, but certainly not worth it if you're relying on it as a major contribution to your income. The "shall not be named" website is similar, but you earn a bit more overall with them, so I have resources there as well. I agree completely with what a51_ufo said about it depending on your view. Just my two cents.
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  4. a51_ufo

    a51_ufo New commenter

    This! Completely agree.

    I won't be able to give up my day job but this (along with a few other passive income streams) boosts my income.
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  5. nwilkin

    nwilkin Occasional commenter

    I think it is harder to make a full-time living from TES than most people realise. Most of the authors I know, who do this full time, also make money from other sources to supplement their income. In fact, most of the big names on TES are still working as teachers as they cannot afford to give up teaching to only create and sell resources full time. I am one of the full-time sellers, but make more from my own website, running training courses and from book sales then I do through TES. However, that said, I do manage to make a good income from TES which is my next largest income stream but this is only possible because I have built up a reputation in my field, create resources that most teachers do not have the time or facilities to be able to make themselves and spend an awful lot of time marketing (around 60% of my time is spent on marketing).

    Running a business like this, is not the easy option lots of people think it is, and I generally work very long hours (6am to 9pm) and weekends on my business. The idealised view that people have of being able to spend all your days at home creating lovely worksheets is not the reality that many sellers have. There is a lot more to it than that when you are running you own business. We need to sort out our own accounts (or hire an accountant), create and maintain marketing strategies, create and update a website, write a blog, deal with copyright infringements, keep a social media presence, as well as create new resources to a really professional standard (purchasing images or searching for copyright free images, researching subject matter to write something truly original, hiring proof-readers etc).

    To make more than £6,000 per year (that is the level you are classed as a ‘Gold’ seller) from TES, it requires not only really top-quality resources but also a lot of hard work with marketing and building a reputation that teachers can trust. Most authors make less than £6,000 per year with the vast majority making under £100 per year, so it depends what you are after. If you want to have a nice evening out, once or twice a year then you can make that from TES but if you are after a more substantial income it takes lots of hard work, dedication and time to make that happen but it is still possible. I know there are a handful of authors that make an income comparable to a full-time teacher salary just from TES alone but that is the exception to the rule and not the norm.
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