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Is it possible to move from Secondary to Primary?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by thesmallfabric, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I am nearing the end of my Secondary PGCE (English) course.
    I have enjoyed the course but as part of my course I had to spend time in a primary school and enjoyed it much better than I expected.
    I worked in one school where the Year 7 intervention teacher was primary trained which got me thinking - can it work the other way round?
    Would a year as a TA in a primary school help?
    Any advice would be gratefully received.
  2. Yes its possible, but please do not waste your qualification by working as a TA (this is a whole other rant). Once you have QTS you are qualified to teach any children.
    The problem you sort of have is realising this a little too late, or a little too early - there will be serious questions asked probably about your stickability if you cannot commit to your prefered age group before you have even finished your course (sorry, I'm tired - I'm not trying to be horrid, just telling it like some people/SMT might see it).
    Your best course of action is to either work in Secondary school for a couple of years and try and get involved with KS3 as much as possible, possibly transition team, perhaps working with any Primary schools as either enrichment/workshops/tasters/G&T schemes or something. Then after a couple of years nudge your way into year 6 on the back of the transition work. You will need to do your NQT year in Secondary English really anyway (you don't *have* to - a school cannot make you do your NQT year in a different subject, but it doesn't work the same the other way around - there are good reasons for this though, get it out of the way in a subject you have at least some experience and resources for, you will be thankful you have :) )
    The other best way is to kiss security good bye and depending on where you are in the country do Primary supply. You may well be able to score a long term, Maternity, sickness or something cover and that would set the ball rolling with regards to either a long term/perm position or for experience on your cv and applying for primary jobs. This is the route (sort of) that I took.
    Be warned that Primary is very over subscribed, there are many primary teachers that cannot get a job, so you have to be better than them basically to get a look in as you do not have the Primary PGCE that they all do.
    Good luck, its possible, but above everything else, doing a placement in a Primary School and actually doing as a full time gig is very different - I much prefer Primary from the PoV of the kids, but the being treated like a small child, checked up on all the time, huge huge amounts of paperwork (nowhere near the same in Secondary) and stupid red tape that I didn't have in Secondary make it insanely hard imho.

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