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Is it possible to make money from selling your resources on TES?

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by snugboro23, May 29, 2017.

  1. snugboro23

    snugboro23 New commenter


    I am thinking of putting up some of my resources up for sale and was wondering how hard it is to organise and how lucrative people have found it.

    Are most of you selling resources and working full - time?

    Is anyone making so much money from selling resources that they don't need to teach at all? (wishful thinking, maybe ...)


  2. teachercellar

    teachercellar Occasional commenter

    no chance roughly a few hundred a month! so not making a fortune
  3. mrajlong

    mrajlong Senior commenter

    One can dream...
  4. snugboro23

    snugboro23 New commenter

    Thank you Teachercellar and mrajlong:)

    A few hundred a month sounds great - but I guess to achieve that level you'd need a large range of amazing resources for sale?

    I am doing supply at the moment so any extra income would be appreciated!!!

    Can anyone else share their experiences?


  5. TheGingerTeacher

    TheGingerTeacher Established commenter Forum guide and community helper

    It is possible to make a living selling resources full time. Tes is still getting going (IMO) but other sites are there and you can sell from your own website as well.

    There is a lot of advice on here and Facebook which will help you. We are very nice here :)

    Good luck
  6. EC_Resources

    EC_Resources Occasional commenter

    From what I can tell, the vast majority of resource sellers are currently teaching too. Some are retired and do this for extra income.
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  7. Jane Austen

    Jane Austen New commenter

    I average £50 a week.
    marieann998 and snugboro23 like this.
  8. snugboro23

    snugboro23 New commenter

    Thanks for all the comments - very useful.:)

    Would it be a good idea to put up some free resources first.?

    Jane Austen - £50 a week sounds great to me - well done!!!
    marieann998 likes this.
  9. Shamster

    Shamster New commenter

    ups and down at the moment with exam season its a bit down. But on average I make 250 pounds per month.
  10. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    How many resources do you have available in order to earn 200 a month?
    MosaiK likes this.
  11. studeapps

    studeapps New commenter

    Don't you make money from the books? Oh, they're out of copyright - I see.
  12. The_English_Tutor

    The_English_Tutor New commenter

    What other sites are there for selling teaching resources - I've tried TeachersPayTeachers with limited success, would welcome any guidance you can give...(thanks in advance)
  13. TheGingerTeacher

    TheGingerTeacher Established commenter Forum guide and community helper

    I sell here and ***. I make personal contact with buyers when ever I can and always make it clear that I'm happy to make requested resources. This leads to private sales.

    If people like your work they will come back and if they know they can ask you for anything they need and it will be good quality then you get repeat custom

    Hope that helps
  14. occold25

    occold25 New commenter

    I average about £45-55 per month at the moment, but then I've only uploaded about close to 50 resources. I suppose that more you upload, the more well-known and respected you become - which I have certainly noticed in the last few months.
    newromantic likes this.
  15. WhiteboardWoes

    WhiteboardWoes New commenter

    @snugboro23 How did you get on with your paid resources? I too am currently thinking of uploading some resources to sell and am curious as to how much can be made.
  16. TheEducatorsCorner

    TheEducatorsCorner New commenter

    Good money can be made from TES but it is worth researching other prices and resources to see how well you could do. There are free and paid fir resources available on TES and Facebook to help you get started. It would always be worth putting your resources on TES and see how you go.
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  17. ClaireArrows

    ClaireArrows New commenter

    I was wondering how many resources you have available for you to be earning £250/month approximately?
    MosaiK likes this.
  18. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    I started selling last October and my sales have gradually gone up from earning £2 a fortnight to begin with to now about £20 a month... I am just 9 resources short of reaching gold level so am currently at 75% royalties.
    In my humble experience, how much you sell depends on more than the quality of your resources alone.
    My subjects are French, German and Food Technology with some EAL/ESL and pastoral resources thrown in. Firstly all these subjects are deemed minority subjects, especially at GCSE/A-Level. Secondly there are a lot of French resources out there so that means more competition. My Food Tech resources sell quite well, followed by German and then French. Within that, I find that GCSE resources sell better than general KS3 resources. However, I am sure that if I were selling Maths and English resources, then despite the vast competition I would have much more of an audience, not only in the UK but around the world, so I would be making more money.
    Another factor is of course where in the list of pages of searched resources, yours will be showing.
    I think assembly presentations sell well too. I tried to re-vamp a few of my old ones, but soon hit the main obstacle: where do I find royalty-free photographs for commercial use that I can include in topical assembly presentations, e.g. current Olympic champions etc...
    I am aware that this is originally an older thread, but I hope my contribution helps.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  19. The_English_Tutor

    The_English_Tutor New commenter

    I have 150 resources ranging from single lessons to entire key stages and earn around this figure each month...sometimes more, sometimes less...I have found that using other social media forums for promotion makes a huge difference, Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook (although less so)...It takes time to build, but there really is nothing nicer than waking up and seeing that your resources have been working for you whilst you sleep....It's not enough to retire on, but is a nice extra. Don't forget you would need to declare it as a taxable income too...so what you make isn't all yours, but even so, I love it! Hope that helps.
  20. Krazikas

    Krazikas Occasional commenter

    It's a very difficult question to answer. Some people make a lot of money from a small number of very in-demand resources. Other people have hundreds of resources but may not sell many for a number of reasons. The best advice I can give is get started and produce quality resources that teachers want.

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