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Is it my responsibility to update SOW`?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by muffinmops, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. muffinmops

    muffinmops New commenter

    I have been teaching AS and A2 sociology for the first time since September. I have my AS class 4 times a week and my A2 class 5 times a week. I am enjoying it but it has actually consumed my life because I am learning the two courses. I feel like I am revising for an exam every day. I am also teching two A level health and social care units for the first time but only have the clases once a week.

    My whole weekend is consumed with learning and lesson planning and I know it is worth it and will pay off for next year as I have gained so much new knowledge.

    My head of deaprtment - social sciences has now asked me to update the sociology schemes of work by adding columns for G& T. SEN enterprise and literacy, I don't mind helping out but I feel so resentful. I have just spent two hours updating one SOW and have another 4 to do. I haven't got time for this at the moment. I have also marked 26 AS past papers this weekend with two essays on each. I still have 8 year 13 past papers to mark for tomorrow.

    I dont want to seem uncooperative but is it my responsibility to update the SOW?- I just cant do it for tomorrow. The deaprtment is me the only sociology taecher and my HOD who is the psychology teacher.My 15 yaer old son is sitting near me and I have hardly spoken to him all day. This is just a complete joke.
  2. blt

    blt New commenter


    I'm sorry to hear you'e having such a tough time. Unfortunately it's everyone's responsibility to keep schemes of work up to date - you're in a better position than many if you actually have them! What I would suggest is asking your HoD for a little more time. Explain that your focus is and has been the mock papers you need to get through. That's absolutely not unreasonable. I'd suggest a date by which you will be able to do them. Remember, they probably have someone breathing down their neck for these things too!
  3. muffinmops

    muffinmops New commenter

    Thanks for your reply. Sometimes I can't see how lucky I am when I am under constant pressure. My A level studenst have exams next wek and the week after and I've never taught it before so maybe it is affecting me more than I realsie.

    You are right my HOD has got the SMT braething sown her neck for the updated SOW so I will tell her I will keep dipping in and out of thewm when I get any spare minutes. If I am free for an hour, it feels like 5 minutes
  4. muffinmops

    muffinmops New commenter

    Please excuse my post, I can spell, really I can!!. I was just typing too fast without looking with my son over my shoulder waiting for a lift.
  5. blt

    blt New commenter

    Haha! Don't worry - I do that too.

    And trust me - it gets better! We all go through phases where it feels like we're doing nothing but working.
  6. muffinmops

    muffinmops New commenter

    I appreciate your support and I can't wait until next year when I don't have to learn this all over again. I have made mistakes and I have learnt from them whilst teaching A level sociology. So hopefully I will only get better- Ive kept all my resources and intend to use them again, with expanded knowledge.

    I felt like I was at breaking point this morning and unable to cope with the relentless work but I feel better now. I will continue working again in a minute. Nice to know others have been through it.

    Thank You
  7. Poor you! SoWs are usually the responsibility of the HoD (or Course Team Leader as my previous college called them). That said, I've always produced my own and showed them to the relevant line manager. Only thing I can suggest is that you do them as and when and show them to your HoD each time. At least your HoD can then tell SMT that the SoWs are a work in progress! One way to avoid this is to do all this stuff in Summer like I used to or have a planning meeting for this with your HoD at the end of term or in the summer (as previous colleagues did).

    Good luck!
  8. muffinmops

    muffinmops New commenter

    Thanks for your advice. I have nearly finished now, I have been working on them yesterday evening and a couple of hours today. Once I got into it , it wasn't so bad - the thought of getting started is worse especially when there are other priorities like marking past papers to give back to students.

    Thanks a lot
  9. You're welcome! ;-) I like doing planning and prep except when it has to be done in a pointless and ridiculous format using an on line program, as was the case in my previous college. I hope that you don't have this problem as well.

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