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is it me or do there seem to be less jobs available in middle east?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jereni, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. jereni

    jereni New commenter

    I've been thinking about trying the overseas lifestyle for quite a while - I teach in a small independent school in a nice part of England but I hit the big 50 this year and my pension looks, well, a bit inadequate for a comfortable retirement. The thought of teaching in a warm sunny place is looking even more attractive after teaching for the best part of last term in layers of thermals.

    But is it me or are there less jobs advertised this year? I want a good package in a good school - somewhere nice to live, flights and medical and free schooling for my son.

    Advice needed here - is it better to sign up with an agency or should I try my luck with the few jobs advertised on TES?
  2. Both!
    Without looking at figures, UK jobs are hard to come by. Presume some of those look for jobs abroad. The quality of teachers abroad has improved and therefore the competition is more fierce. Plus where teachers used to job hop around with their rucksacks, that luxury is no longer there. Even what were/are perceived as the weaker schools can choose good quality staff.
    You will receive two pieces of advice 1) you have a job - keep it, or 2) Give the overseas scene a go - you might land a good one.
    On the plus side, good quality schools won't be too concerned about your very advanced years [​IMG]

  3. jereni

    jereni New commenter

    Oooh, I feel old!
  4. Quite a few folk older than you get jobs on the international circuit.
    The key is not to smell old...
  5. jereni

    jereni New commenter

    Good tip, I will also get rid of blue rinse.
  6. tica

    tica New commenter

    I think you will find there are FEWER jobs this year not less.
    Sorry! As an English teacher it is one of my bugbears along with the misuse of number and amount.
  7. Good point. And that's as a <strike>shower checker</strike> PE teacher, if that's ok...

  8. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    I'm reminded of the common Indian phrase 'very less' (muy poco, Pharaoh, compa&ntilde;ero mio).

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